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Commented On: Sandy Carnage: Fisker Karmas Submerged In Salt Water Burn At Port

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That is why I waited to purchase a Tesla Model S, I wasn't going to drop 100k on that sinking ship. Sorry, no pun intended.

Commented On: Now, Even Fast Cars Are Avoiding Gas-Guzzler Tax

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Time to re-write the tax to apply to these car manufacturer's, especially after the new mandates here in California that have either passed or are in the suggestion box for 15% more hybrids or electric cars or 55 MPG and better for cars moving forward! Too bad it's out to 2025?? Too far out!!

Commented On: Tesla: 'Loser' Along With Ener1, Solyndra, And Fisker, Romney Says

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Proves how short sighted this idiot is!

Commented On: Electric-Car Charging Etiquette: Battery Electrics Better Than Plug-in Hybrids?

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But in my Model S, I would be stranded if I was low on charge. I can't take her to tw has station like the Volt, Prius or Karma owners to get home or to where I am going. Yeah the supercharge network is great, but will take years before its readily available do like the Leaf, they BEV's most certainly deserve the right to charge first. I agree however that its not fair if they are just topping off and don't NEED to charge. I think a charge station should have lights indicating that the vehicle attached is charged and therefor unlock to allow others to juice up as well.

Commented On: 850 Miles In A Tesla Roadster In A Weekend: Crossing The Line

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You forget that manufacturers of ICE's also make a lot of money on maintaining the car after you have driven it off the lot. AAA in 2009 came out with a survey, and it estimates the average cost to own and drive a typical car is around $8400 per year. Those costs include insurance, gas, and service. I pay about $800 a year for insurance so the rest on that on average is the gas and service. You can look up the True Cost to Own (TCO) on your car here if you like?

Commented On: Fisker Karma Fire: Owner, Company, Analyst Trade Accusations

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Another reason to be done with gas and other combustable materials in cars, manufacturing, boats and hopefully one day, even plains that pollute the ground, water and once burned, the air and our lungs. Let's invest more in sustainability and not profitability at the expense of the future.

Commented On: Tesla Says It Will Start Repaying U.S. Loans By End Of Year

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I hope this is just one of many positive articles to come about Tesla Motors in order to gag all those who want to see them and the Electric Motor car fail.

Commented On: More Details, Live Photos: 2012 Toyota RAV4 EV Electric SUV Launch

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This is a horrible attempt at an EV from Toyota, they are not even trying! I am very VERY disappointed in their offering as a fan of Tesla and a current owner of a Rav4 V6, they have released a product with no intension in seeing in succeed in my opinion, just looking to pacify the lawmakers in California and give it a lame go in an attempt to almost prove that EV's have no potential. This is so very sad! :( I am not buying another ICE ever again and unless Toyota tried a lot harder at a real Rav4 true EV, then they have also lost me as a once loyal customer.

Commented On: April Electric Car Sales Lower; Plug-In Prius Leads Sales

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If there was no such thing as Tesla Motors and the Model S, then I would have considered buying a Leaf, but since there is a Model S, I would be a fool to purchase the Leaf for close to $40k and 80 mile range and it's kind of ugly. The Model S is breathtaking in comparison, is a luxury car, has double the range for about $15k more and it performs better then my Honda Accord EX V6 at that price!

Commented On: Electric Cars' Secret Advantage: They're Just Nicer To Drive

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Hoping the generations for cars after the Roadster 1 and 2, Model S, Model X, Roadster 3.0 that Tesla will be able to mass market their car at the $30k range they talked about. I agree however, current car manufacturers seem to be scared to advertise all the truths about an electric car. Almost like they are afraid the "wrong" people will realize what's going on and stop them before "this whole electric car thing catches on!"
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