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Commented On: As Predicted, Tesla To Launch All-Wheel-Drive Model S For 2014?

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If they're going to be selling the Model S in countries with high electricity pricing and conservation-minded buyers, they're likely going to be pressured to fix the "vampire" problem reported by David Noland.

Commented On: Rare Surviving GM EV1 Waits For Savior At Missouri University

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Get Tesla to put an appropriately sized Model S battery and rear-wheel electric motor and it'll run like a bat out of hell.

Commented On: Real-World Gas Mileage Varies By Brand; Honda Does Well, Ford Not So Much

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As we're approaching the 1/2way point of the 2nd decade of the 21st century, I'm not impressed by 40-50 mpg, which was achievable in the '70s.
Where's my affordable 80-100 mpg car?

Commented On: 2014 BMW i3 Range Extender: Heavier, Less Electric Range, Less Performance

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Jerry Dycus' other comments aside, he does make a good point about the ReX - it's quite overweight compared to the Lotus one and somewhat underpowered.

Commented On: GM To Test Utility-Controlled Solar Charging For Electric Cars

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I think this fear is highly unwarranted; you're far more likely to impact battery life through fast-charging than through V2G.
Presumably, you can control the rate at which you send power back to the grid and for how long.

Commented On: 2014 BMW i3 Electric Car: Connectivity, Navigation Highlights

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I think it's a mistake to have just one size option for a ReX and the not-quite-3 gallon tank is undersized.
At the expected price, BMW should at least make the car go ~300 miles with a full charge and a full tank.
How much more could it cost to have a 1.0 L engine option and a 6-8 gallon tank?

Commented On: Want To See A Tesla Model S Chasing A BMW i8? You're In Luck...

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Tesla will have the Model X with dual motors and 600 lb-ft torque on sale before the i5 is ready, with their next mass-market car following closely on its heels.

Commented On: 2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid: First Drive

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From a tech standpoint, I agree but the Karma is a very different-looking car than the Panamera. I doubt that the 2000-odd buyers of the Karma would leap at this Porsche based on the design.
But I would, if I had the bucks.

Commented On: Nissan Planning Electric City Car Rival To Renault's Twizy

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Exactly what I thought when I first saw the Twizy.
If I want a vehicle that can only do 50 mph and 30 miles without windows, I'll buy a scooter.

Commented On: LA Metro Chooses Electric Buses From Chinese Company BYD

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Tell that to Tesla and their 90 second battery swap.
You are aware that better batteries are only 1/2 the equation, right?
How many 2 megawatt fast chargers can the grid handle? Because that's what you need to charge batteries at the same rate as a fill-up at the gas pump.
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