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Commented On: Electric Cars In Winter: Six Steps To Maximize Driving Range

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Agreed, no easy way to keep your feet warm on long runs when the temps are in the teens. I don't have the benefit of the heated seats in my 2011, so I have installed a 12v electric blanket I sit on. It keeps my rump and back warm.

Thankfully cold weather is short lived in TN.

Commented On: Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Canada: A 2012 Review

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I agree that infrastructure has little to do with it. In fact thanks to outlets for block heaters, Canada has a better vehicle infrastructure than the US, albeit L1 charging, but for workplace charging that's all you need.

Commented On: 2013 Ford C-Max Hybrid: Winter Gas Mileage Test Returns 35 MPG

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I found the fogging problem more prevalent in late fall early spring when humidity levels are higher. With extremely low humidity levels along with freezing temps, no more fogging.

If you park outside then clearly humidity levels will be high enough to create fogging as it preheats.

I use seat heating to reduce reliance on the cabin heater, the mileage isn't hit as hard that way.

Commented On: Nissan Leaf Battery Capacity Loss: Covered By Warranty, Now

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I like the idea of a premium warranty program for those whom 70% charge does not meet their needs.

Given that all new LEAF owners signed a document acknowledging that capacity loss is NOT covered by the battery warranty, a warranty enhancement for all LEAF owners is a very welcome move by Nissan showing they are willing to share some of the risk with their customer base.

Commented On: Nissan Leaf Electric Car Owners Cover 100 Million Miles Too

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Commented On: 2011 Nissan Leaf Long-Term Update: 25,000 Miles, No Woes

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Thanks for the tip regarding the Michelin Tyres. I'll lok for those when the time comes for my LEAF. I just went past 17,000 miles yesterday.

Other than an intermittent passenger door speaker (which recently got replaced under warranty) I've had trouble free driving with my LEAF. Being the first generation LEAF and first year of manufacture I expected to be visiting the dealer often. It's great to see the reliability where it is in such an early model vehicle.

I have seen slight range degradation, it's hot in Tennessee (but nothing like what is experienced in AZ). I estimate about 8% degradation at 15 months.

Commented On: Having Your Gas Car Serviced? Here, Borrow A Nissan Leaf

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Our local dealer Newton Nissan of Gallatin TN are already doing this. We took my wife's Altima in for its 30,000 service last month. She was offered and took a 2012 LEAF as a loaner for the day.

Newton Nissan have 2 LEAF's in their rental/loaner fleet now.

They see it as a way to generate interest in the LEAF. It's jolly convenient for the customer too, no need to bring the loaner vehicle back with the same amount of fuel.

It would be good to see Nissan push this idea nationally in the US.

Commented On: Nissan Leaf-To-Home Power Station: Will It Make It To U.S.?

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Supplementing a grid tie system is great idea and gets us one step closer to Vehicle to Grid systems as well. One reason I don't like grid-tie is the fact that you lose power like everyone else even if your solar panels are generating current. This allows one to operate a grid-tie system like a grid fallback system, A correctly configured solar system could recharge the vehicle as it supplies energy to the home during an outage.

Commented On: SAE Finalizes New Electric Car Fast Charging “Combo Connector”

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Tesla have also invested millions in the supercharger network.

Had just US manufacturers backed the SAE plug I think it would fail. The Germans make it interesting as it gives the SAE standard a foothold in Europe.

Commented On: Why I Drive A Nissan Leaf Electric Car: One Owner's Story

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Several have taken Tom to task for suggesting there is a financial case for the LEAF. He got a much better deal than I did thanks to the CA credits, I can see how he will be finacially ahead of a gas car. I figured I'd break even after 6 years. Each person's break even point is different (different credits, different electric and gas costs, financing costs etc in each region.

To figure out if a LEAF makes sense for you or not use my spreadsheet to customize to your situation.

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