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Commented On: Study: Chevrolet Volt Drivers Suffer From 'Gas Anxiety'

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We have a Leaf and a Volt. I would have thought the reason Volt owners charge more often is obvious: They have a smaller battery. Both Leaf and Volt owners want to avoid gas, but with a 40 mile EV range Volt owners will need to charge more often to make that a reality.

Commented On: Independent Tests Show Nissan Leaf Electric Cars Lost Range In Hot Climates

Green Car Reports 0 Views 31 comments
It is important to note something that was left out of the article. They did, in fact, determine there is some faulty instrumentation. One or more cars that showed 2 capacity bars missing actually had one of the longest ranges, even over vehicles that showed no capacity loss. So yes, they do have an instrumentation problem. But they also have a battery problem.

Commented On: Five Reasons Buying a Hybrid Prius Won't Save the Planet

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The real issue is that most people who drive a Prius are not doing so "to save the planet." There are some, don't get me wrong. But most people just want a car that gets great fuel economy, is high-tech, quiet, and extremely reliable. That is what a Prius gets you. And it doesn't cost any more money than most other similarly equipped vehicles.

Commented On: 2013 North American Car, Truck/Utility Of The Year Nominees Named

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I hope the Tesla Model-S wins.. It deserves the title.

Commented On: Aug Electric-Car Sales: Nissan Leaf Rises, Chevy Volt Creeps Back

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The difference is that people know if they wait long enough and keep searching other dealers, they'll find a volt that is not being price-gouged. When the federal credits expire, the price will go up but it will be an even playing field at all dealers.
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