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Commented On: BREAKING: 2012 Ford Focus Electric, Order From $39,995

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Looking at the Prius V for my wife as a replacement for her 2004 Honda Odyssey. Supposed to look at one tomorrow although all the dealer has is a demo. May be a few more months before we actually purchase. Although there is nothing wrong with her Odyssey. A little less than 100,000 miles on it. I am not going to force her to change - just offer if she is ready.

Commented On: 2012 Ford Focus Electric Sales To Squeak Into 'End Of Year'

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I have to agree with you and James, John. Why not spend the little extra and get a really nice car with good range. I don't know what it is about Ford's price that is too surprising giving the fact of the $7,500 federal rebate. Without that rebate in place, I would bet the price would be around $34,000 or a little less. We just won't ever know for sure.

Commented On: Ford Focus Electric Vs Chevy Volt: Which Would You Buy, And Why?

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Just based on the differences stated here, I would purchase a Volt over the Focus EV. It is much more versatile and less limiting for most of us.

Commented On: BREAKING: 2012 Ford Focus Electric, Order From $39,995

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How about Miles Per Charge? Just how far will it go on a charge? Yes, the price is too high and it is affected by the rebates being offered. Ford is certainly missing an opportunity to make a big statement by not pricing it lower than the Leaf. Of course, from one perspective, you could say they are making a big statement by its price. Just not the statement I, and many others, were hoping for.

Commented On: Whoops: 2012 Toyota Prius C Compact Hybrid Shown In Brochure Leak

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It would be nice if the same style gear shift and parking brake was available on all Prius models, especially the Prius V which I will more than likely purchase for my wife.

Commented On: 2012 Ford Focus Electric Won’t Have a Pedestrian Alert Noisemaker

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Nice job, Ford. I don't think we need the noise maker at all. I think it is all a bunch of blooey. The tires make plenty of noise. But if we have to have some noise maker make it sound like a regular gas engine with a rumbling muffler sound. Or allow you to select from a wide list of sounds.

Commented On: 2012 Chevrolet Sonic LTZ Sedan: Weekend Test Drive

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Interesting vehicle and nice article, John. Makes me wish I was 18 again. But I am too old for this vehicle. I like a little more room and comfort for these old bones of mine.

Commented On: GM Takes Heat For 'Stop Pedaling, Start Driving' College Ads

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Why drag politics into this discussion? There are plenty of feet in the mouths of politicians of both parties. May I mention our VP?

Commented On: Nissan Drops 2012 Leaf Charging Station Price. Is It Cheap Enough?

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Nissan's price is still too expensive. Prices should continue to come down over time. How much time? That is hard to say. Installation cost will remain the same or increase some, but the cost of producing the units should decrease.

Commented On: It's A Gas: Ecofriendly LLC Develops Home Natural Gas Pump

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My problem with using natural gas for automobile use is that as it us increases so does its cost. That will not only run the cost to drive your NG vehicle, but to use NG for home use. I like the idea of using NG for 18-wheeler truck fleets, but am very cool to the use of it in "personal" transportation because of the reason stated above.
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