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Commented On: Marketing Electric Cars As 'Medicine' = Fail, Movie Producer Says

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I absolutely agree with Devlin's comments. Being a Volt owner, GM's ad campaign has been the car's carbuncle. The only non-embarrassing use of air time is the latest bit that I have seen, a woman saying simply that she just ran all her errands and didn't use a drop of gas...

Commented On: Best Used Green Car To Buy: Volkswagen Jetta TDI

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I kept logs on my TDI Jettas. All were manual transmissions except a '09, which got the worst city/highway combined mpg, 45. The 2000 TDI manual: avg 50mpg. '06: avg 49mpg. I am not a hypermiler, but do drive as the article recommends. My wife gets about 45mpg on her '10 manual TDI Golf. I get around 47mpg.

Commented On: 2012 Toyota Prius Vs. 2012 Chevrolet Volt: Which Is Right For You?

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OnStar notified me that last month I drove the equivalent of 153 mpg in my Volt. That was 40-50 mile trips avg 5 days a week plus two longer runs, one being being a 560 mile jaunt.

Commented On: Why I Bought A Prius Plug-In, Not A Volt Or Leaf: A Reader's Choice

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The 11 mile (one way) commute would be covered using no gas gas in the Volt w/juice left for some errands. I drive a 270 mile trip (mountain pass to 10,000+') and get 54mpg overall in my Volt, 42 miles of that on the original charge.

Commented On: Should Range-Extended Cars Have a "Battery Saver" Mode?

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Actually, as stated in another posting here, The Volt builds/has an electrical reserve which it will run on, no Gas, for a mile or more at city speeds of about 25mph or so. My Volt has done that. Additionally, I have had a "surplus" of extra charge after using mountain mode up a grade that allowed me to travel almost ten miles further on electric power.

Commented On: Our MPGs Vs Consumer Reports: Volt, Civic Hybrid, Jetta TDI, Lexus CT 200h, Fiat 500

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One has to drive the Fiat pretty hard to get 33mpg. I have a little over 6000 miles on my Sport and am averaging 42.8 mpg city/highway, normal driving, not leading any parades but not racing either. I drive it in Sport mode. Worst mpg was 38. Best was a tank from Brownsville, TX to Santa Fe, NM (elevation gain) - 48mpg. No AC that time.
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