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Commented On: 2012 Chevrolet Volt: The Plug-in Hybrid Basics You Need To Know

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With its very short range electric motor, that makes the car not worth the price.

Commented On: Brewing Hybrid Battle: Is One Electric Motor Better Than Two?

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I agree with you, Bob, and we are talking about hybrids because General Motors wants to keep America on domestic and foreign oil. And GM said that an electric car with an electric motor and with its own battery charger connected to its axle would never work and we have had that set up for over 100 years and it has worked fine.

In less than five years we will have a battery that will give a range that will put ICE to shame and the hybrid will go the way of the dodo and GM (because of their overproduced hybrid) will go bankrupt again.

Commented On: 1899 Vintage Electric Car Sells For Record-Breaking $550,000 In Auction

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They can build an electric car 113 years ago that can be used year round and even in New York's worst winter ever, but we can't build an electric car today that can't be used anywhere except in a perfect climate...boy! have we regressed.

Why don't the automakers just replicate that great looking Columbia Electric Laundaulet and put about ten million of them on the road? I would buy one if it didn't cost $550,000 dollars or made by GM.
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