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Commented On: Plug-In Pioneers: Electra Woman & Dyna Girl!?

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Everyone likes to bash Aptera's futuristic looks and claim that's why it failed. Wrong. They failed because the CEO was a bad businessman that made critical mistakes. The futuristic design had 4000 people sign up to buy it in California alone.

Commented On: What's Wrong With Chevy Volt Ads & How To Fix Them

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I've posted this elsewhere. Volt marketing is easy. You have real Volt customers explain why they love their Volt. "Last month I got 238 MPG in my Volt! I can really crank up my music without all that engine noise! I've only filled the tank once since I owned it and I've driven 4650 miles!" That will tell the public what real people are experiencing with their Volts and get them into the showroom with questions. A commercial doesn't sell a car it just gets people into the showroom to try one. The saleperson can go through the complexities of the car.

Commented On: Aptera Collapse: How & Why It Happened, A Complete Chronology

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Actions speak louder than words. Under Steve and Chris, Aptera made 8-10 prototypes and gained 40 million in funding. Under Paul Wilbur, Aptera burned through 40 million and built ONE production intent vehicle, built a foam representation of a four wheeled "Camry-like" vehicle, and lost at the X-prize. Seems pretty clear to me.

Commented On: Aptera Shutting Down For Good

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As much as Paul Wilbur would like everyone to believe that the original design somehow was to blame for this, he's wrong. This is just him trying to spin his failure. He's a liar. And he's lying in this statement. There was no Conditional Commitment Letter. Here is the article: http://gigaom.com/cleantech/aptera-did-not-receive-a-doe-150m-conditional-loan-commitment/
Aptera's failure is completely because of Paul Wilbur and his cronies and not because the design was flawed in some way.

Commented On: Aptera Shutting Down For Good

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What's so odd about 3 wheels? No one freaks out about 2 wheels, a motorcycle, but you add an extra wheel and you're impractical... It's very similar to the thinking of people who don't understand electric. It doesn't go vroom-vroom so it can't be a car.

Commented On: Should 2013 Dodge Compact Be Named Dart, Duster, Camber...Or Caliber?

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I'd go with the Dodge Ogre. If limited to the choices above - Duster. It just doesn't look Dart-ish. Caliber and Camber are just lame. I went with Ogre because of it's brutish ugliness but what's in a name?

Commented On: More Fisker Bad News: EPA Calls 20-MPG Karma A Subcompact

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It's sad that Fisker and Tesla are becoming the poster children for attacks on the current administration. We need their technology and the loans were miniscule compared to those given to GM, Nissan, and Ford. There's lots of misinformation flying around. Lets hope Fisker pulls off the Nina and I'm pretty confident Tesla will be able to kill with the Model S.

Commented On: Fisker: The EPA Is Giving Us Bad Karma, Man

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The more I think about the Karma the more I'm willing to forgive its shortcomings. If you think about it as a $100K supercar that gets 30 miles electric driving then it makes sense. Because 20 MPG for a Ferrari or Lambo would sound reasonable. I'll be much more critical of the Nina's numbers. It needs to tie or beat the Volts numbers.

Commented On: Edison2 Electric Car Sets EPA Economy Record Of 350 MPGe

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You're assumptions about this vehicle are erroneous. Do more research before you make such judgements.

Commented On: Aptera CEO: We’re Not Dead, Just Moving, Okay?

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The reality is that the current management created only ONE prototype while burning through 30 MILLION dolars. The founders successfully created 9 prototypes and was going to give out the first vehicle to a customer by January 2009. The current management put a stop to that to make the vehicle more accessable to the general public. 30 MILLION dollars and they couldn't produce even one vehicle for a customer. I think it clearly shows that management's incompetence.
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