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Commented On: Tesla's Musk Promises Deep Dive Into Electric-Car Emissions

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Much as I would love Elon to do a study that disproves the anti-EV rhetoric, it won't happen. The anti-EV people will just dismiss the study as biased. And to be honest, it probably would be. If Elon commissions the study and the researchers know this then they will have a vested interest in pleasing the person who commissioned the study. This argument will continue, ad nauseum, into the future until finally EV's are the main vehicle on the road. Consumers will continue to buy whatever vehicle suits them and eventually EV's will be the most cost effective and convenient.

Commented On: Tesla's Musk Promises Deep Dive Into Electric-Car Emissions

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At a fundamental level this strikes me as BS. I don't see how creating lithium batteries is any more energy intensive than pulling oil out of the ground, moving it to where it can be turned into gasoline, taking it to the pump and your car, then finally burning it throughout the life of the car. As for electric motors versus an ICE, one is simple and the other is very complex with a vast amount of individualized parts.

It is all picking and choosing what aspects of the well (or lithium mining) to wheel process you want to consider part of the process. One small omission and you reach an entirely different conclusion. Creating a battery is not significantly different than creating a piston rod or a crank shaft.

Commented On: Why One-Third Of Electric-Car Buyers Might Not Buy Another

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You are making the same erroneous assumption that many people make, laura. Not everyone drives the same way that you do. Most people (over 95%) drive only short distances and don't need a car that drives further. They will never need a national charging network because they will never drive their car across the country. I, for one, fly by plane for any long distance trips. You assume that an electric has to mimic what a gas car can do. That's wrong. So your declarations of 10-15 years and charge times are biased by your assumptions.

Commented On: Tesla Model S Production Line Now Running At Full Capacity

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Congratulations. From everything I've read - it's awesome and the owners love them.

Commented On: Tesla Model S Production Line Now Running At Full Capacity

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Tesla has already shipped a number of 60 kWh cars. They began giving those cars to customers at the beginning of last week.

Commented On: 2012 Tesla Model S: Seven Little Things A Buyer Doesn't Like

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I don't quite get it. Seven things a certain buyer wants. I bet if I thought about it there are seven things on my current car that I prefer to be different. The beauty of the Model S is that it has the ability to change based on programming. If they aren't changed to suit his needs before the car ships that 6 months or a year from now a new program can be uploaded that allows him to have what he wants. No other car has offered that choice - ever. Of course Tesla can't adjust the fact that Mr. Noland is 6' 2" and the car doesn't fit him exactly right. Sorry, you're tall. I think article falls under the category of "you can't please all of the people, all of the time."

Commented On: First 2012 Tesla Model S Delivered To Earliest Depositor Steve Jurvetson (Video)

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@JV What makes you think Musk has any intention to sell off Tesla? Every interview Musk has given he said that he had a number of goals he wanted to accomplish. Tesla was one of those goals and SpaceX is another. Unless something goes terribly wrong I just don't see Elon Musk tossing away the company he built for a payoff. He was already a billionaire before he started Tesla and SpaceX.

Commented On: Want A 2013 Tesla Model S Signature Edition? Too Late, They're All Gone

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That's what make a Signature desirable, they're exclusive and you get to jump to the head of the line. At this point I'm sure that you can still get on a waiting list for those that cancel their reservation. Go Tesla!

Commented On: Huge 2012 Chevy Volt Crash Proves Its Safety Credentials

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This article should have the headline Toyota Camry bursts into flame after colliding with a parked car!

Oh! I forgot that no one cares that ICE cars catch fire regularly but when there is a fire with an EV (even weeks after damage) it makes national news headlines.

Commented On: Do We Really Need 500-Mile Electric Car Batteries?

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It's all about convenience. People are willing to do things in a different way as long as it isn't too inconvenient. If charge times stay high then, yes, you need a 500 mile battery pack. But as others have said, if you can cut the recharge time down to 1/2 an hour to an hour then smaller packs and shorter distances would be okay to the general consumer.
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