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Commented On: Cheapest Electric Car In The U.S.? It Depends How You Ask

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Great info. It's articles like these that I appreciate reading on this site.

Commented On: Everything You Need To Know About Electric Cars (With Asterisks)

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Sometimes I wonder, what % of people live in apartment complexes and/or communities where they have no garages, and hence are unable to charge their vehicles from home (and therefore not able to consider an electric car). I would say housing infrastructure/renting would be a big barrier to purchasing an electric car. Has there been any reported analysis on this?

Commented On: Getting An Electric Car Charging Station? Make Your Contractor Watch This (Video)

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I appreciated the posting of this story, and the video linked herein. From the video, it was most interesting to see the various scenarios of hooking up the charging station to the main power.

Commented On: 2012 Smart ForTwo Electric Drive Gets More Smart, Gains Speed

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The car will likely fail traditional crash testing, until the weeble wobble index is applied to make it a pass!

Commented On: Electric Cars In "No Benefit For Poor Communities" Shocker

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"Awareness of incentives - is it really that low?"

I agree with the author.

I don't think awareness for incentives is a limiting factor for adoption in poor communities. Would they really care that the $400 Iphone has a $20 off coupon this weekend if they're busy struggling to put food on the table and pay for housing? The pricing means it's so far outside of their reach that tiny incentives will not change that fact.

And I believe that the adoption by those who can afford it (i.e. the early adopters) will encourage competition, technology research, and future product improvements that will eventually make this viable for the masses.

Commented On: Secret Tesla Video? Model S Sedan, Roadster Shown On The Road Together

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Yawn. Perhaps the next video will show them driving together in reverse? Or maybe with both of their windows down? Don't get me wrong, I'm excited about the cars and the technology, but this is starting to feel like eating up PR micro-scraps.
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