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Commented On: Five Best Used Green Cars To Buy

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I agree whole heartedly with the comment about people thinking SUVs are needed. Not only are there more trucks and SUVs but they have absolutely exploded in size. Look at an older pickup truck compared to todays average truck. It's ridiculous what people think they NEED. I'm 30 and all my friends popped out 1 kid and they all decided that cars just aren't built big enough anymore. We drive a Yaris sedan and it's more than enough for our family of 4.

Commented On: 2012 Coda Sedan Production Starts; 88-Mile Range, 73 MPGe Efficiency

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How could 88 miles not be enough range? How far do you really need to drive in 1 day? If further than 88 miles you probably should get a diesel or hybrid.

Commented On: Horsepower, Weight Won't Trump MPG Gains In Future Cars

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I've been saying it for years. People don't need cars/suvs as big as they think.They pop out 1 kid and trade in their sedan for an SUV or minivan. They look at a compact and say "Oh I could never drive one of those cars, they're too small/slow/plain". Ridiculous.
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