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Commented On: Life With 2013 Tesla Model S: 'Vampire' Thirst For Electricity At Night?

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So in your mind he's not allowed to tell the truth about the Tesla? Perhaps you should wipe off that Tesla Kool- Aid running down your chin.

Commented On: Diesel Road Trip: Agency Rocks SxSW With 1979 Oldsmobile Coupe

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Pity is survived in pristine condition for 34 years only to be desecrated by a fool for a PR stunt. Shame!

Commented On: GM To Dems & GOP: No More Cars For Your Conventions

The Car Connection 0 Views 2 comments
He who sayeth "Let Detroit Go Bankrupt" can take a cab. Or a hike.

Commented On: Report: Springdale, Utah Speed Trap Targets Foreign Tourists

The Car Connection 0 Views 7 comments
"However, he also says that an internal investigation has cleared his officers of any wrongdoing."

Right. Much more likely that he's on the take as well.

Commented On: GM Trademarks “Cadillac LTS” Name

Motor Authority 0 Views 1 comment
Did y'all think the Ciel was just a styling exercise?

Commented On: Chrysler Barn Find Fuels The 'Restore Or Preserve' Debate

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This one's easy. The neglect happened WHILE in the hands of the Museum. They had been presented with a near pristine original car from the Chrysler family themselves. The tragedy would be in not returning it to that state.

Commented On: Ferrari Boss Left “Speechless” After Seeing The New SRT Viper

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Maybe he just thought "if you can't say anything nice, don't say anything at all."

Commented On: Of Cows, Chemicals And Car Seats

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MB Tex dates back to the 1960's and the 240D- are you really that unversed in automotive history?

Commented On: GM Battery Lab Explosion Attributed To Gases From A123 Cells

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TESLA? You want the company whose cars "brick" and cause the owners to incur $40,000 repair bills to offer expertise? That's a good one!

Commented On: Tesla Battery 'Bricking': The Real Story Behind The Scare

Green Car Reports 0 Views 23 comments
RTFM? LUAGHABLE. You've never spent ONE DAY in Automobile Service. How about design a car without such MASSIVE defects in design that it won't commit suddenly commit suicide? How about designing a vehicle that can be TOWED? At the end of the day, this car is too poorly engineered to be usable in the real world. Look out, Tucker '48- here comes Tesla.
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