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Commented On: Geely Coming To U.S. In 2016: Are Americans Ready For Chinese Cars?

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Not only would China have to improve relations with its workers, it would have to improve relationships with the U.S. and its Citizens. We are not going to buy cars from the "enemy" or anyone who would wish us harm or do us harm.

Commented On: Did Chickens Cure Or Kill U.S. Pickup Trucks?

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I don't know. A lot of Detroit iron is poorly suited to some foreign countries because of it's girth, versus narrow old streets. Detroit trucks could work well in projects performed in the wide open spaces.

Commented On: The 10 States Most (And Least) Likely To Buy "American"

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To me, where it is made is the deal-breaker. Origin of parts is a big issue as well. How many jobs are being created and maintained? Each person with a job is a potential customer for me.

Commented On: J.D. Power: Insurance Rates Rise & So Does Customer Dissatisfaction

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I've been insured by State Farm for close to 40 years. They have been prompt with claims service. I've received a couple of rebate checks. During job transfers, they kept my coverage a seamless transition. Probably the biggest problem is making immediate contact with my agent's office. I believe State Farm has some of the lowest rates if not the lowest. And it's a mutual company.

My only other issue is the property division's reluctance to settle Katrina claims.

Commented On: Fiat 500 Abarth Gets Automatic Transmission To Woo Female Shoppers

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I would be mostly interested in the Abarth, especially a black one like Charlie Sheen endorses. It has more get up and go and has better handling due to a stiffer suspension; not as sporting as one would find on the mini, but better than the base suspension. I like the 500L; more utility, but unmistakably a Fiat.

Commented On: Which Would You Choose: 2013 Ford Focus ST Or 2013 Mazdaspeed3? #YouTellUs

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For looks, give me the Focus. But because of its well-earned fun-to-drive rep, I have to go with the Mazdaspeed3.

Commented On: What Do The 1% Drive? The Top 10 Cars In Wealthy ZIP Codes

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I was expecting to see exotic sports cars, not Accords and Camrys.

Commented On: Did Honda Get The 2013 Accord's Design Right? #YouTellUs

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It will be a great car, but the styling does nothing for me. The competition set the bar high and Honda hasn't tried to even reach for it. It is still surpassed by competition that plans to improve even more. The next Sonata should make this look stone aged.

Commented On: Would You Pay $39,000 For A 2013 Ford Fusion? #YouTellUs

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What's in it? If it looks to be a great value against other $39,000 cars and I can afford it, I'm buying. It could be the best $39,000 car around.

Commented On: The Best Brands -- And The Worst -- For Shopping Experience

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Saw a car I liked at a car dealership my son was less than fond of. We lifted the hood to discover a missing master cylinder cap. That just made his misgivings more legitamate. We went to another dealer and found a car we were very pleased with, so we bought it. One month or so later, the first dealer bought out the dealer who sold me the new car. The joke was on me. Much to his credit, the buyer has created a very good service experience. I'm still not sure, however, that I would want to buy from him.
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