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Commented On: Suzuki Swift Sport On Sale In Early 2012, But Not In U.S.

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Commented On: 2012 BMW 1-Series Hatchback Mega-Gallery

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Small cars with BIG performance. LIKE!

Commented On: A. Kahn Design Adds Bespoke Touch To The Audi Q7

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I appreciate the effort taken by Project Kahn to modify the Audi, but i do find some faults here.
1) The large diameter wheels (in the black Audi) make the Q7 look odd, when you view the car in profile it looks as though it has been shod with wheels from the cars in the 1900s.
2) The white Audi (in picture number 7) loses it's charm without the LED headlights.

Otherwise they do look quite nice. Kudos!

Commented On: 2012 Chrysler 300 SRT8 Priced From $47,995

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That roughly translates to 22 lakhs INR, lovely! Wish Chrysler would bring this to India, someday...
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