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Commented On: Etiquette For Electric-Car Charging: Debates Heat Up Over Who Goes First

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not surprised a LEAF driver (who also does not have a gas backup option or a HUGE battery) would be the most accommodating. its easy to be helpful when you have been in the "gotta charge or else" situation.

Commented On: Toyota's Fuel Cell Car To Debut In Tokyo, Match Tesla Model S On Range, Price?

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this decision with the PiP's 12 mile EV range(on a VERY good day) has me scratching my head...

Commented On: Petition For Tesla Motors Direct Sales Crosses 100,000 Signatures

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on mine (I think I was like #50ish or so?) it lists it as first initial.last name city, state

Commented On: Nissan Planning Electric City Car Rival To Renault's Twizy

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saw this car in Yokohama during our trip. very cool concept and would be great as an inner city shuttle fleet.

Commented On: Real-World Gas Mileage Moving Away From EPA Ratings: Report

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i think the real reason the disparity is greater is we now have more tools to track the mileage. Before gas was cheap and people had anecdotal evidence of "how far they could go on a tank" which was usually a summer trip where gas mileage was greatest and most never considered the 10-25% drop in economy during Winter.

Then the Prius came along and all of a sudden tracking every mile driven became a habit for many that has grown as the choices for driving have exploded with EVs, EREVs and hybrids when computing TCO.

there is simply a lot more awareness. as far as the discrepancy? its always been there. nothing will change the fact that some drivers will get 35 mpg in a Prius

Commented On: Lower Prices Cause Electric-Car Shortages In CA: Shock, Surprise!

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Dan; my SO's car is gas and she has run out 3 times in the past 7 years so don't even been to think your Volt is immune. more than 35,000 miles on my LEAF and have NEVER been stranded

Commented On: Honda Fit EV Lease Price To Fall To $259, Miles Cap Removed

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HOLY CRAP!!! that is aweso... oh wait... I live in WA, not an option. move on

now my blog makes MUCH more sense


Commented On: Tesla Didn't Make A Profit On Its Cars In Q1: Let's Be Clear

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You must be logged in to post your comment.only in Tesla's case would such nit picking be mentioned. its a common practice to determine profits simply based on money coming in and money going out... wow!! that makes sense!

how many companies would have lost money had they not taken a "write down" of a tax credit that they could have taken over several years but took it at that time? or other companies reducing profit by recording infrastructure improvement loans meant to be booked over X years in X/2 or X/3 years?

manipulating the buck is the norm, not the exception. Tesla has a product with value (ZEV credits) so why not sell them? they sure as heck cant use em

Commented On: Elon Musk Answers Qs About Tesla In 2010: Rate His Responses

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barely a week later and what does anyone have to say now about Tesla's loan?

Commented On: 2013 Nissan Leaf Final Ratings Issued: 115 MPGe, 75 Miles Of Range

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don't bother to memorize the EPA methodology as I predict it will change. its so pathetic now that it cant possibly last more than a year or two
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