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Commented On: 2013 Nissan Leaf: Longer Range, Faster Charging, Leather Seats, And More: All The Upgrades

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So, they did not improved the energy density of the battery; this mistake will continue to limit the car's use to that of a city/short range commuter auto. Yes, the car will go 70 miles but only if you keep it below 55-60 mph and drive in the slow lane with the truckers and...with a brand new, 100% charged battery. Nissan recommends you only charge the battery to 80% to extend the life of the battery. If you do that, you will not get 70 miles.

What happens to the range as the battery ages and depletes from use? Right, the range goes down. The warranty by Nissan covers the battery for a reduction in energy density of 30% within 5 years. That says to me, expect even less range as the battery ages.

How do I know all this?I own one.

Commented On: 2013 Detroit Auto Show Preview: Diesels, Electrics And Hybrids

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Correction:>> 175 lbs lighter

Commented On: 2013 Detroit Auto Show Preview: Diesels, Electrics And Hybrids

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We have advance information the Leaf will be about 75 lbs lighter; but, will Nissan be smart enough to upgrade the batteries to improve the car's range?

Commented On: Nissan Leaf Battery Capacity Loss: Covered By Warranty, Now

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I think this is a good move by Nissan for those people who can operate within the nine bar range and it also is assurance that you will not pay for an early battery failure. However, I would like to see Nissan improve the battery density of it's modules so that a reduction of 30% in range would be 30% of 150 miles and not 30% of 70 as it is now.

My hope is that a replacement battery at the end of eight years will provide an excellent range improvement. I could quite easily accept the Ladson Test: Show me a freeway Leaf that will go 100 miles at 65 mph and I'll be happy.

Commented On: Electric Cars Are Doing Just Fine, Says Volt Patron Bob Lutz

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Right Bob. Why? Because we can't seem to get the batteries out of research. But, I have hope now that Argonne Labs is directing a battery project made up of Industry people and Battery Lab scientists. The project has as it goals: to produce batteries that are 5 times cheaper, with 5 times the density in 5 years...The 5,5,5, Project, if you will.

Commented On: Tesla Model S 60-kWh Is More Efficient Than 85-kWh Car: Why?

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I like the battery size option feature that Tesla has; and, I hope lesser cars can also offer that option; simply put; you can order and pay for only the range you need and save carrying around the additional unused weight of the larger battery; I also think it's mostly the static weight.

BTW, I propose we add an additional test for EVs; put the car on a spec dyno and run it at 65 mph until the battery output is shut down by the car; I call it the "real world freeway speed range test."

Commented On: Coda In Trouble? Electric-Car Maker Lays Off 15% Of Staff

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The U.S. graveyard will be full of EV startups before the EV movement takes hold. Even Tesla is not fully solvent enough yet to survive.

It will take a low-cost, light, much higher-density battery to insure that EVs will become common on our highways. And, you can bet there are legacy oil energy companies with a hold on our politicians that will fight this progress.

Commented On: How Do You Make An Electric Car? Smart Shows You

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Perhaps this is the car that will spur interest in EVs and lead the Public to buy.

Commented On: Update On 2012 Tesla Model S Production: 1,000 Bodies

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Reality Check; EVs will populate the roads in numbers when batteries are developed that will move a 2500 pound car 150 miles at freeway speeds. And, can be charged in under half an hour. Even though 50 miles range at freeway speeds will meet most people's requirements, when has sound logic and practicality trumped emotion when Joe Public buys a car?

Now if you can keep the Oil companies from ruining the battery businesses, you might succeed

Commented On: Electric-Car Owners: Gas Car In Your Space? Use This Notice!

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How about we can them EV refueling spots instead parking spots; make any difference, do you think?
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