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Commented On: Electric NASCAR? Not Yet, Just Dozens Of Teslas On Track

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The idea behind NASCAR is drinking, watching wrecks on a giant skid pad and having your ears perforated and your brain vibrated. When you are drunk enough and your brain is mush from the noise, who really cares who wins! You can always find out on Monday morning during the mass PR campaigns they run.

Take away the noise and what do you have? Well, it wouldn't be NASCAR and who wants to get drunk without the noise to go with it?

Commented On: Ecotality Trading Suspended, Electric-Car Charging Network To Release News?

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Not unexpected based on their poor execution of their business plan.

Commented On: 2015 Infiniti LE 'Luxury Leaf' Sedan Put On Hold Indefinitely

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This just wasn't the car needed to fill the space and compete with the other autos in the segment. This car is waiting for the same thing all of us are waiting for...the next generation EV battery.

Commented On: Audi: "R8 e-tron Electric Supercar Won't Go On Sale"

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Audi is VW and all VW is about at this time is propaganda when it comes to EVs.
They announce their "new electric car" at least once a week while all they have in mind is their bottom line(profit) and only building the necessary compliance cars for California.
There is no real threat to the ICE because of the limits of the current battery technology. The Tesla, as good as it is, is too expensive for the mainstream market and the Leaf is too limited in range.

What this country needs is an inexpensive battery that will power a 3000 pound car at 65mph for an honest 150 miles.

Commented On: 2013 Nissan Leaf Real-World Range: Is It Any Higher?

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Nits! All a bunch of nits that are meaningless had Nissan improved the battery. One should be able to drive 100 miles at freeway speed(65-70 mph) to feel confident in the Leaf for long, one charge per day, commutes.

Remember,the best mileage you will get is when the battery is new. The battery will slowly lose capacity over time from aging and charge/discharge cycles. So you need more battery to start with.

Commented On: Would You Want To Buy This Subcompact Electric Car? (Video)

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The car looks great; but, the battery doesn't come with the car. It must be rented monthly for over $100 a month. This could be a good thing, if you don't trust the battery. Or, a bad thing because you are always depending on the company for fuel. What if they reprocess the battery?

Commented On: Nissan Leaf Electric Car Reports Own Battery-Cell Failure Via Carwings

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Good information for Leaf owners, thank you.

I suspect that the repair took more time than estimated because you just don't replace a bad battery module in a battery. I'm sure there is a required balancing and testing period before releasing the repaired battery back to customer usage.

Please forget what you have learned about Pb Batteries. A Li Battery is completely different and is a much different chemistry.

Commented On: 2013 Nissan Leaf Prices To Start At $28,800 For Electric Car

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Price wise, Nissan has a long way to go; battery wise they, just like the other EV makers, have an even longer way.

Until Nissan's batteries are less-costly, lighter and can propel the car an honest 100 miles at freeway speeds, it will continue to be limited to a role as a commuter and/or city car,

My suggestion is to lease the car until the Nissan battery technology catches up with U.S. driver's needs. This is the third year for the car and they have not improved the battery one's still the same with the same problems,i.e., an expected reduction in range of about 30% over 5 years.

Commented On: Egg-Like Nano-Technology To Improve Lithium-Ion Batteries?

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And in case we forget where the top priority in EV development should be: "It's The Battery, Stupid!"

Commented On: 2013 Nissan Leaf: Longer Range, Faster Charging, Leather Seats, And More: All The Upgrades

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Truth from an early adopter:
They didn't improved the energy density of the battery; this mistake will continue to limit the car's use, on one charge. to a city/short range commuter. Yes, the car will go 70 to 80 miles if you keep it below 55 mph, drive on flat land, and, use a brand new, 100% charged battery. Nissan recommends you only charge the battery to 80% to extend the life of the battery. If you do that, you will not get 70 miles.

The battery warrant is for a reduction in energy density of less than 30% within 5 years. And, I expect a reduction in range similar to this with age.

I like driving car. I could love it if it went 100 miles at 65 mph.
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