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Commented On: 2013 Nissan Leaf: What Would You Change?

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2013 Smart for Two ED. ~$23K out the door...

Commented On: Five Forgotten Electric Cars: Do YOU Remember Them?

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I've been driving my 2007 Myers Motors NmG for daily 5 years now. I've driven it about 15K miles since new, spending about $225 on electricity. It averages 147Wh/mile in combined freeway/city driving and 123Wh/mile in city driving. Best ever was 102Wh/mile on a 10 mile no-stop expressway run at 50mph. Big fun to drive and very popular at signal light conversations when gasoline exceeds $4/gallon. Looking forward to the Duo...

Commented On: Electric-Car Charging Networks: Don't Use 'Em To Travel Far, Says Company

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I spend about $45 per YEAR on electricity to drive my EV about 3,000 miles. No way would I pay anyone $46 or more per month for a charge or charger access. A total non-starter for me.

Commented On: Chevy Spark EV: Four Times The Electric Range? RLY? Errr, No

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"...and we're not aware of any battery electric vehicle that can deliver even 10 miles per kWh--let alone 18."
You are probably right on that, I'm running about 108Wh/mile or about 1.1kWh per 10 miles city driving in my 2007 Myers Motors NmG.
Combined city/hwy is about 7 miles per kWh with a heavy right foot.
I know, low tech brushed DC motor, lead acid batteries, three wheels, no regenerative braking...

Commented On: 2012 Renault Twizy Price Announced -- But Will It Ever Come To The U.S.?

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If it has 4 wheels, no bumpers, and does not achieve freeway speeds, it's a NEV. It will never sell in the USA regardless of any other features or virtues it may have.

Commented On: 2012 Coda Sedan: LA Times Drives Elusive Compact Electric Car

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Announced today on KTVU-TV in the SF Bay Area, the Coda sedan will be final assembled in Benicia, CA not far from the retired warship "Mothball Fleet" near the Benica-Martinez bridge.

Commented On: Electric Car Range Anxiety Evaporates After Three Months

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What!?! No extension cord powered electric cars?

Commented On: Fisker To Use BMW Engines In Midsize 'Nina' Plug-In Hybrid

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The "Santa Clara" was the smallest ship that sailed in Columbus' fleet. Ships are regularly referred to in feminine terms, so the nickname "Nina" roughly translates in to "little girl".

Commented On: 2011 Frankfurt Auto Show Preview: VW Nils Electric Concept (BREAKING)

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A higher tech, up-scale version of a Myers Motors NmG with less range.

Commented On: Aptera CEO: We’re Not Dead, Just Moving, Okay?

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The one and only target market is still California, so of course it will be less expensive to manufacture the EV far from there and ship every vehicle to California at the buyers expense. My NmG was built in Ohio and cost $1100 to ship it to California in 2007. Today that transportation cost is over $1500 and going up.
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