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Commented On: Will Solar Panels Destroy Electric Utilities' Business Model? Yes, They Say

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The monopolistic, anti-competitive Big Utility model can't die soon enough!

Commented On: Zipcar Says 72% Of Young Americans Don't Care Much About Owning A Car

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That's precisely the point, actually: A lot of young people don't want to move to the suburbs -- and won't, even when they have families. They recognize the substantial disadvantages of an atomized car culture which sees people waste thousands of hours every year in shiny metal boxes driving to personality-less suburbs with no sense of community or place, just endless cul-de-sacs full of cookie-cutter houses. Why do young people recognize the huge down-side of modern American suburbinization? They have more widely lived the real disadvantages of suburbanized, atomized, alienating post-modern American life than any other American generation.

Commented On: 2016 Chevrolet Volt To Have Lower Electric Range, 30 Miles Or Less?

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Gotta agree with Mittar on this: More all-elecric range, not less. I bet a significant portion of Volt owners pick the Volt over the Plug-in Prius precisely because the Volt has 40 miles of all electric range. The PIP is, frankly, a joke for those of us who want to be able to say 90% of my miles are all (solar) electric miles -- and there are a lot of us like this. So, GM had better not go to a smaller pack, or it will lose potential customers, including this one.

Commented On: 2011 Nissan Leaf At Two Years: 32,000 Miles, No Signs Of Age

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Good news -- but I have to ask: Do you every plan on selling the LEAF? If yes, at what point -- and do you realistically think you'll get reasonable resale given that I'm guessing few people (including me) would be willing to pay anything other than a cut rate price for a used EV with 5, 6, 7 years taken out of the battery life? No one seems to be talking about this issue, but it's a real one, especially in the U.S. with all of the 3-year leases. Who's going to shell out good money for a LEAF with outdated battery technology and tens of thousands of miles taken out of its battery life? And, if they do, will they be able to sell that LEAF a few years later themselves? I say, 'No, not unless the battery pack has been replaced.'

Commented On: Japan's Electric Taxis Falling Out Of Favor With Drivers

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The battery degradation issue is why I'm wondering: Who, exactly, is going to buy all those LEAFs that have been leased in the U.S., and what price are Nissan dealers actually going to be able to get for LEAFs that have already been driven tens of thousands of miles? I wouldn't buy one -- unless they are very cheap, would you?

Commented On: Plug-In Electric Car Sales In Canada: A 2012 Review

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I'd like to echo Christopher's comments: Canada's cold weather has likely played a big role in this (except for the lucky folks who live in the Vancouver area). A pure EV like a LEAF, which already has a pretty short range, will have an even shorter range in a Canadian winter. Given the number of LEAF owners in U.S. cold weather spots who've complained about the big ding cold weather makes on range, I can only imagine what it's like in Edmonton, Calgary, Ottawa, Quebec, etc.

Commented On: How Clean Is Your Electric Car? Online Tool Helps You Find Out

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This is a gaping hole just waiting to be filled -->"Remember, that the EPA’s tool can’t account for any solar panels or wind turbines you use to charge your car."

When is someone at EPA, NREL, UCS, etc. finally going to take a close look at home solar + EVs and do the full air pollution math on the following: 1) An EV charged directly, and 100 percent with solar electricity, during a sunny day by a home solar system; 2) An EV + PV solar offset situation where the EV owner, via home solar, during the day produces 100 percent equivalent of what he/she draws when plugging in at night.

This analysis is absolutely crying out to be done by an science/engineering/environmental expert!

Commented On: Huge 2012 Chevy Volt Crash Proves Its Safety Credentials

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I saw this on Torque.Com first, though I don't know if they were first to get it into the EV media. In both stories, it takes way too long to figure out what happened to the driver of the Volt. "Parked" doesn't necessarily mean no one was in the Volt. Though, the quote from the Volt owner near the end, does clarify that he wasn't in the Volt. More clarity at the top of the story, adding "an unoccupied parked Volt", etc. would really help.

Commented On: Live in Idaho and Want an Electric Car? You’re In For a Long Wait

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Ah, the unfortunate irony. Thanks to a ton of hydro power and a comparatively low population, Idaho is THE cleanest state to plug in an EV in the entire United States. Grid mix = 75% hydro, 9% renewables, etc., 15% natural gas and just 7% coal (Source: And yes, W. Virginia is the worst (97% coal!).

Commented On: Toyota's Electric-Car Hat Trick: Three New EVs for 2012

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What makes more sense and what is more efficient depends entirely on how the individual uses a Volt or a plug-in Prius. There are plenty of people who will go months and months and thousands of miles on pure electric in the Volt because they drive only short distances on a given day, but those distances might be more than 14 miles. Others, who drive longer distances might do better with the Prius. Please don't assume that what is best/works best for one consumer is also better for another. A Volt makes much more sense for us, as I have 20 mile roundtrip commute that could be all-electric in a Volt, but would not be all-electric in a Prius.
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