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Commented On: Fast Chargers Proliferate For Nissan Leafs, New Etiquette Issue Arises

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Don't charge for electricity, charge by time. Also, if you're not plugged in, you are ticketed or towed.

Commented On: Beyond Tesla's Superchargers Are .... Silex Hyperchargers ???

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Let me guess: they're looking for investors.

Commented On: Update On High-Mileage 2011 Nissan Leaf Electric Car

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A bit disappointing that the LEAF can't comfortably make the 65 mile one-way trip.

Commented On: 2015 Infiniti LE 'Luxury Leaf' Sedan Put On Hold Indefinitely

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Few would pay more than about a $5000 premium for a LEAF in sheep's clothing. That's all this is.

But Nissan, don't scrap that body design. Use it in place of the current LEAF body and I'd buy one.

Commented On: UPDATED: Tesla Motors Q1 Earnings: What To Look For (Video)

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Great interview, John.

Commented On: Nissan Slashes Leaf Price To Sell Electric Car In Australia

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$53,100 is pure greed. Not a way to win fans, Nissan.

Commented On: NYC Officially Launches Nissan Leaf Electric Taxi Program

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This was tried and failed in Osaka. Why would NYC be different?

"When the cars were new, you could drive about 100 kilometers (about 62 miles) on a full charge; but after two years of use, their maximum range is down to about one half of that."

"Some drivers even shun the heater and offer passengers chemical pocket warmers and blankets."

Commented On: Will Future Tesla Electric Cars Use Metal-Air Batteries?

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Yes, water is scarce and oil covers 70% of the earth's surface and falls from the sky. Did I get that backwards?

Commented On: AWD Tesla Model S Coming Soon? (Warning: Pure Speculation)

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I'm waiting for AWD (and a healthy bank account). We have a place on a ski hill so it's that or chains.

Commented On: Tesla Testifies In Texas, Takes On State's Auto Dealers Over Stores

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There shouldn't be an exception to this law - it should be scrapped entirely. Any law that restricts liberty needs to be examined and most likely tossed. This law protects franchise owners at the expense of consumers and car companies. If franchise dealers don't want competition from their car company, they can negotiate a contract with that company and leave the state out of it.
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