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Commented On: Plug-In Electric Car Buyers Very Satisfied With Cars: Report

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I have been driving a Nissan Leaf for a year, and I love it. I really like plugging my car in at home, rather than having to visit gas stations or public charging points. The one thing I miss is fast chargers between Memphis and Nashville, so I could drive to Nashville without renting a car. The EV Project was supposed to install them, but they never did.

Commented On: Why Tesla Launched Battery Swapping; Is It Now In Danger?

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It makes no sense for CARB to favor hydrogen fuel cell cars over storage battery cars. We still have many years until hydrogen pipelines are installed to bring solar generated hydrogen from the southwest to the cooler parts of the country. In the meantime, hydrogen will be generated from fracked natural gas, hardly a green solution. Tesla is going to use solar energy to charge it's batteries. If you have a storage battery car, as more electricity is generated with wind or solar, you create less emissions without changing the car. I have a Nissan Leaf. I pay MLG&W $16 per month to buy enough renewable electricity to charge my car without any carbon emissions.

Commented On: GM, BMW Complete Testing Of New CCS Quick-Charging Stations For Electric Cars

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It makes no sense to install a very expensive DC fast charger that can't serve all three of these standards. It wouldn't add much to the cost of a charger to have three cords with three different connectors and the necessary control electronics. The expensive part of the charger is the electrical service required and the power electronics used.

Commented On: Are Electric Vehicles Really Zero-Emission: Yes or No?

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MLG&W, the power utility in Memphis, TN, has a great program where you can pay a monthly charge to get a percentage of your electric power from renewable sources. I pay $16 per month to ensure that I have more than enough renewable power to charge my Nissan Leaf. I live in a condo building and can't install solar panels on the roof.

Commented On: BMW i3 Electric Car: ReX Range Extender Not For Daily Use?

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I agree. One should be able to start a long trip with the Rex running to keep the battery charge as high as possible. That way the battery would retain a lot of charge for a much longer distance, and the performance of the car wouldn't suffer. Of course, one would have to stop frequently to fill up the mini-tank, but that's not a a bad idea anyway, for safety's sake. If you take frequent breaks, you're less likely to fall asleep at the wheel.

Commented On: Right Electric Range For A Plug-In Hybrid: Is Lower Better?

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There is no free market in the US. The market is distorted by the machinations of the oil, gas, and coal companies. The government with it subsidies is trying to level the playing field a little bit for alternative energy technologies.

Commented On: Right Electric Range For A Plug-In Hybrid: Is Lower Better?

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Check out the BMW i3. It will have a 90 mile all electric range and a 600 cc motorcycle engine as a range extender. I have a Leaf. I need every bit of its range for my travels around the Memphis area. The i3 sounds like the right compromise to me for a range extended vehicle. It is a bit smaller than the Leaf though.

Commented On: Is $23,750 The Right Price To Get Electric Car Sales To Soar?

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To go from Memphis to Nashville I rent a car. Otherwise I drive my Leaf.

Commented On: Nissan Leaf Electric-Car Sales Slump: What's Happening Here?

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And there's no maintenance cost and practically no fuel cost. Electricity is cheap in Tennessee, where I live. There's nothing to wear out except the battery, which has a long warranty. By the time the warranty is up, batteries will be much better and much cheaper. Battery electric cars totally change the economics of automobile buying. Leaf sales people need to stress these points. It's just silly to look at the initial sales cost and compare it to the cost of a gasoline car which requires expensive fuel, expensive maintenance, and has lots and lots of expensive mechanical parts to wear out. By the time that the Leaf battery wears out, a gasoline car will need a rebuilt engine.

Commented On: 2012 Nissan Leaf Leases: $289 For Base SV, $319 For Nicer SL

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That depends on your driving habits. I have a Leaf as my only car, and it works, because I drive mostly just around Memphis, TN, all of which is within the Leaf's range. The few times I need to drive to Nashville, I rent a car from Hertz. For longer trips I fly and then rent a car from Hertz. For people that regularly have to take longer car trips, the Volt would be better.
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