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Commented On: Electric Utilities Now Fighting Home Solar As Threat To Their Business

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John, there are other options... example: induction electric motors can be used instead of permanent magnet motors (eg Tesla induction motor vs most other HEVs/PEVs PM motors)... plus the lack of environmental regulation led to the Chinese undercutting the price of other mines which made the competitor's mines uneconomic. When the price rises enough, other rare earth sources will come online.

Commented On: Holland To Have World's Largest Electric-Car Fast-Charging Network

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Are these DCFCs ChaDEmo, Combo, or twin tailed with both types of cables on each DCFC station?

Commented On: Electric Car: Lease Or Buy?

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Is there link to see the longer term data on Leased vs purchased (instead of the mentioned relatively short time period)? I can understand a higher lease rate than purchase given given the technology immaturity and lack of long term field experience with battery life, but 93% seems a little high. We saw some of the same concerns with the early generations of Prius HEVs years ago. This number could be skewed high by some incentives that the OEMs happened to offer to make year end sales goals..etc.

Commented On: Toyota: No More Plug-In Electric Cars If Electricity Doesn't Get Cleaner (In Europe)?

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This is an interesting assertion from Toyota. This data may be a little dated (2010), but I'd invite anyone interested to experiment with the data from a Daimler Well-2-Wheels tool which derives the Co2 emissions per mile (or km) and efficiency.
I just reran this tool, with the 2010 Euro grid mix, electric vehicles were still 2x lower emitting of Co2 than a diesel hybrid vehicle.

Commented On: Elon Musk Hangs Up As Writer Questions Battery-Cost Declines

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and by the way, the Tesla stock may well be overpriced for now.. but as far as the technical or business prospects of Tesla, the author of the Barron's article is obsessed with his battery cost debate while totally ignoring the baseline comparison of the Model S competitors' powertrain cost. I'd enjoy seeing informed data on the cost of a German built aluminum/magnesium V8 with 4 camshafts, intake and exhaust variable cam timing, twin turbo with a complex ZF 8 to 10 speed transmission. The costs to achieve higher levels of fuel efficiency & lower emissions from conventional vehicles is increasing.. while battery costs and power electronics costs are decreasing.

Commented On: Elon Musk Hangs Up As Writer Questions Battery-Cost Declines

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At 7% per year, in 3 years the compounded price decline might be about 22%. Assume $400/kWh now (if that low) and a 85kWh battery why is 22% * $400/kWh * 85kWh = $7.5k so unbelievable? If they are really now paying $500/kWh then the reduction would be $9.4k. Why would a driven CEO who has detailed knowledge about technology and price trends want to waste his time debating this? Steve Jobs would have terminated the call much less tactfully.

Commented On: Is Right Now The Very Best Time To Buy A Car? Discuss

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Let's get away from "true believer" narratives on the economy. Auto & home sales indisputable show that the economy is recovering. As far as new vehicles.. it would seem that the keys to future auto sales are down payment amounts and monthly payments. Used car values have held up well helping the downpayment. As long as banks will lend for longer terms, the monthly payments should be able to be maintained in the same ranges as today's vehicles even if there is a $3k increase in price. And the overall total costs of ownership should be lower with lower fuel costs every month. If prices were increased to an extreme I could see a big slide in sales, but it isn't clear to me that $3k average will sink sales.

Commented On: Should Apple Buy Tesla? Or Would Ford Be A Better Buyer?

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John's right to try to explain why it's crazy to think of a technology company buying Tesla. Ford might be a good candidate to use Tesla technology and styling to re-invigorate Lincoln. One of the most important factors is cultural compatibility. Somehow, Daimler + Chrysler was a disaster. What would be the fit between Tesla and the prospective firms?

Commented On: Mercedes-Benz B Class Electric Drive: Live Photos From NY Show

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60 miles electric driving with 2 hours charging... does this mean the B class will have 9kW Level 2 charging capability? One-upping the 6.6kW Focus or new Leaf?

Commented On: Demand For Gas Falls, Gas Prices Rise: Blame Ethanol (And Congress)

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It would be interesting to understand how much the fact that the US is now a net exporter of refined petroleum products plays into this price increase. We may import crude oil, be we net export refined petroleum products. By exporting refined diesel/gasoline products, US consumer prices become more coupled to global diesel/gasoline prices.. and these prices could be a lot higher than they would be otherwise. We've been hearing about wide "crack spreads" (ie profit margins) for refiners and refiners such as Valero have had their stock price jump over the last few years because they can buy from a variety of domestic/foreign crude sources (and shop for the best prices) and then sell the refined gas/diesel at the best domestic/foreign price.
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