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Commented On: 2012 Tesla Model S: Would YOU Drive It At Just 55 MPH?

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Somebody on the teslamotorclub site posted this pictures from a Tesla display where they had an interactive range calculator. There has been talk that Tesla needs to put this on their website for potential customers to play with, but that does not appear to have happened. So Tesla has crunched the numbers.

There is an image with range calculated at 65 MPH (and the temp and other factors are included). It is image IMG_5225_2.jpg

Commented On: Nissan Leaf Fails To Attempt Backwards Hillclimb Record

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Production cars have their max reverse speed limited to prevent accidents. The modification discussed is turning off that limit on a production car to attempt these record braking runs.

Commented On: 2011 Nissan Leaf: 5 Things We’ve Learned After 5,000 Miles

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Thanks for the freeway mileage info. I have been looking for that. I have a 60 mile roundtrip commute at freeway speeds in temps that topped 100 earlier this week. As I suspected, it looks like the Leaf would leave me a bit short since I don't currently have an option to charge at work.

Cancelled the Leaf reservation. Have to wait for the Tesla S model now...
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