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Commented On: Been ICEd? Gas Cars Parking In Electric-Car Charging Spots (Video)

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I have seen it more times than not. At an eVgo quick charge station saw a man park his car in the EV spot about 30 spots away from door. Yet on the way to door passed a dozen empty spots closer to the door. At a resturant spots are always fill with ice trucks and they even had there screens smashed making them inoperable. Then have been repaired not but still can park there due to ice cars.

Commented On: 800 Number On Blink Electric-Car Charging Stations? Useless, Don't Bother

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Yes it's members only but its free unlike EvGo with monthly subscription. with EV's its all about planning and if you can't sign up to get your card advance (Free By The Way) then that sounds like a personal problem. Here in Houston there are 65 Blink chargers vs. 21 Chargepoint/Coulomb. And yes I also have the Coulomb card but have not had the chance to even use it once, but I do carry both cards (blink and Coulomb) with me at all times. Really! could not plug in his Volt after long trip. I thought the point of the Volt was no worries because it uses gas as well.

Commented On: More Nissan Leaf Battery Loss, Nissan Doesn’t Blink

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Going in this Friday to "have bars recalibrated" (as suggested by Nissan online rep.) Hoping that means I get to use more of the 24Kw battery than the 10 I get now.

Commented On: More Nissan Leaf Battery Loss, Nissan Doesn’t Blink

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I still have all my battery bars after 18,000 miles but since my last software upgrade I have lost 30% of my range. I still average 4.5-5.2 miles/Kwh but only get about 50 mile range. Carwings reports having only used 10-11 kw before when zero bars are left. So each bar represents 1 kw now. Now lose a bar after 4.5 miles when it used to be around seven miles per bar.

Commented On: Nissan Launches Leaf To Home Electric Car Power System

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I want one, sign me up. Since it seems the 6.6kw upgrade for my 2011 will be costly as well might as well just go with being able to power home as well. For new buys they could get this one instead of regular which some are paying 2k for.

Commented On: Which Will Sell More: Volt, Leaf, Or Plug-In Prius?

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Why does it matter? I myself have owned a leaf for the past year and loving it every day. Because it works for me. That's not to say it's for you too. But I believe there is room for all these cars to be successful. Why must we place one above the other. Nissan still selling every one built world wide. That they are sharing more of that production to get it worldwide is no indicator of how well it is doing here. Some drive Fits, Prius, and Leafs while others drive BMW, Audi's, Porche's. They all make money and they all sell. Room for everyone. I myself just got tired of the instability of my budget due to rise of gas. It's stable now. I no longer care how much gas is and buy shopping only paying $0.0875/Kwh getting 4 Miles/Kwh

Commented On: 2011 Nissan Leaf: One Year On, How Healthy Is The Battery Pack?

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After 13100 miles, no loss. With this cooler weather seem to get more range as a/c not used and when wife gets home she has 3 bars left vs. 2 in summer time in her 60 mile commute. There is a big drop in range when heater is used, 3 times the a/c use. I here the upgraded software fixes some of the heating issues as well as range estimates. I will get the free upgrade as soon as I can.

Commented On: October Electric Car Sales: Chevy Volt Outsells Nissan Leaf

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There does seem to be a slow pickup of Volt sales as yesterday you could find over 3000 volts for sale on lots. There were just over 500 orphan leafs available. I would be more inclined to believe Nissan slow sales due to change from 2011 to 2012 than Chevy's delivery excuse. I mean the volt is only being shipped half way across the country. It's not like they have to cross an ocean and then half the country to make a delivery...cough cough Nissan.

Commented On: Want a Wind-Powered Electric Car? It might Just Be Possible

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Commented On: Would You Pay $4 For 90 Minutes Of Electric Car Charging?

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I have a Leaf and find no problem paying $3-4 for a 20-25 mile range. I see it as no different than paying $3-4 per gallon to go 18 miles in my Traverse. If I have to charge away from home then I would expect to pay more. Thou I don't think I would use it much unless I plan a trip further out of town. In 5300 miles in 14 weeks not once have I pluged in away from home.
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