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Commented On: Electric Car Prices Drop In Europe, Will U.S. Follow?

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You forgot to mention that buyer have to pay a monthly fee for the battery which is not part of the vehicle purchase.

Commented On: AAA Adds Electric-Car Charging Info To Map Services

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unfortunately, the DOE site is not yet up to parr. Many of the Blink system units are not yet reflected on their mapping and there is no "quality check" for the units to ensure that they continue to be operational.

Commented On: GM Riles CA Electric-Car World (Again) Over AB475 'Charger Sharing' Ban

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Another solution is to charge the vehicle owner for the TIME the vehicle is connected to the charger, whether it is charging or not. Therefore the owner has the incentive to disconnect their vehicle and move it ASAP in order to minimize the cost and thereby making the charger available for the next person. That seems a more practical approach.

Commented On: BREAKING: Chevrolet 2012 Volt $1,005 Cheaper, More Options

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Will 2012 have a 6.6 kW charger vs. the present 3.3 kW charger (1/2 the time to charge from 240V)? Rumor is the LEAf is going to 6.6 kW.
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