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Commented On: Top Gear On Electric Cars: “We Are Allowed To Put Into A Film What We Want To”

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I think the Top Gear stunt was pretty balanced. Of course they concentrated on charging time - it's one of the important things potential buyers like me want to know. At no time did TG say the cars were fully charged.

They liked the car and mentioned many positive things about - rightly so. But every car manufacturer should expect the 'bad things' about a car or technology to be aired - like it or not, the truth hurts sometimes.

Thankfully, TG did not do the test in winter, 4 up and in Scotland!

Commented On: Top Gear Tests Nissan Leaf, Peugeot iOn: A Fair Assessment?

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EV's will ne the only technology in which I have never been a first adopter - partly down to lessons learnt (8 track, betamax, HDDVD), but mainly I can't afford.

Regardless of what many early adopters owners say, range is one of the big issues, as is charging points. Yes, they will both get better.

If range isn't an issue, why do Tesla not make a 100 mile car for less money? And why are manufacturers promising longer range on future models - if 80 miles in a Leaf is OK. Yes we all know daily mileage for many is well within the capabilities. But we also know that many who can afford have a second fossil car for those longer journeys - meaning more insurance and maintenance costs.

Overall, I thought TG test was fair for todays EV's

Commented On: Electric Car Critiques Can Have Merit, But Check Your Source

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Tesla in debt (heavily), smaller companies going bust, Governments cooling off about grants/subsidies. In the UK Government has cancelled proposed national public grid. France are banning multiple charging bays in cars parks (on safety grounds).

People in many countries say they are not considering an EV. Nissan putting prices up.

Doesn't look good. Regardless of CO2 & all the well to wheel arguments.

Commented On: Learning to Drive? An Electric Car Could Be Just The Thing

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In the UK, the three point turn no longer exists, it's now the 'turn in the road'.

One advantage is the examiner won't be able to ask the 'Show me, tell me' questions - such as show me/tell me how you would check the oil :-)

Commented On: Should Electric Cars Mimic the Gasoline Driving Experience?

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People are generally (age dependant) good at adapting to new technology.

Maybe the drivers of electric vehicles should stop trying to mimic fossil cars. Most EV owners say that having a range of more than a hundred miles or so is not required, yet we have people doing extreme distance runs and racing EV's.

Commented On: By Royal Appointment? Electric Cars Welcome in Prince of Wales’ Eco-village

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Don't see an entry at for this village or cars? You might consider changing the title, they get very upset by anything claiming to be by Royal Appointment - when it isn't.

Commented On: 850 Miles In A Tesla Roadster In A Weekend: Crossing The Line

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What I want to see is a Nissan Leaf with a family of four, luggage for a holiday and see how far it will go on a full charge. I've asked UK owners - no takers. I'm guessing it will be 50miles or less. Not exactly an everyday family car.

Commented On: Can You Charge a 2011 Nissan Leaf by Towing it? Apparently So (VIDEO)

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Is that a diesel or petrol pickup towing a Leaf? Burning more CO2 to charge a electric vehicle - isn't that what we are trying to avoid (experiment or not).
Makes me wonder what Roadside recovery companies will do if called out to a 'dead' battery EV. With a fossil vehicle they carry spare fuel. Case of winch an EV onto a breakdown truck? Doubt they would be able to do much else.
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