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Commented On: More Electric Cars, Not Charging Technology, Key To Mass Adoption

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Oh contraire, Luke. J1772 is primarily a safety standard (the connector is dead until after it is engaged in the car receptacle) and it tells the car how much current it can safely draw.

The little kids near a charging station stick their tongue into the connector? Nothing happens if it is J1772. Your solution? Dead kids.

You want millions of people to have have to remember to set the car to 12 amps when they plug into a home outlet and then 50 amps at an RV park?

It does not work. You get lots of tripped breakers (no charge at all) and lots of cars charging much more slowly than expected.

Might do nothing for you, but for Fred and Ethel and their little Johnny, it is necessary.

Commented On: More Electric Cars, Not Charging Technology, Key To Mass Adoption

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Some of the Chademo stations offer only 22 kW. That would take over 4 hours to charge a Tesla model S with an 80 + kw hr pack.

How is that a "fast" charger?

Even the theoretically fastest Chademo at around 60 kW is still nearly two hours to charge the big Model S pack

Chademo is only fast for a tiny little Leaf pack or similar.

Are you all not capable of math? Or not capable of seeing past the needs of your personal car to the needs of others or the future?

Commented On: How Tough Are Lithium-Ion Batteries In Electric Cars? (VIDEO)

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These bozos might be on next year's Darwin Award nominations.

Commented On: Triac Three-Wheeled Electric Motorcycle For Sale On eBay

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Hmm, less than 12 horsepower. No regenerative braking.

Anyone know if it qualifies for a part of the federal tax deduction? The Ebay listing does not mention battery capacity, that is one of the fed requirements.

But Lead Acid batteries? Come on! You think the Leaf has battery problems? Probably exaggerated for the Leaf, but I bet you would be lucky to get three years out of lead acid if you were extremely careful.

Commented On: Bob Lutz: Huge Chevy Volt Cost Estimates Are Wrong, Here's Why

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Does anyone know what the Zero Emission Vehicle Credits are worth on the Volt in the eleven or so states where the ZEV program is in force?

I bet the vast majority of Volts are sold in ZEV states. Rumor was there was a spike in credit prices recently. Some pure EV sales were getting close to $10,000 per car just for selling the ZEV credit.

The most recent figures I saw posted from CARB were almost two years old.

Commented On: 5 Places You Wouldn’t Expect To Find An Electric Car Charging Station

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These don't seem all that strange.

Now find me a charging station at Fox News HQ or Exxon Mobile HQ? That would be strange.

Commented On: Last Few Think City Electric Cars Being Finished in Indiana

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Elkhart is set to be the global parts and service depot, although the final decision apparently has not been made.

The new four door model appears to be very close to production, design frozen?

We just sold our last gasoline car, my wife and I each have a Think. No looking back, I will never buy another combustion car!

Commented On: GE WattStation Vindicated, Leaf Blamed In Charging Station Woes

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GE does not fully comply with SAE J1772 revised on Feb of 2013. GE boxes tend not to work at all with the most mature EV of all, the Think with a 20 year history. To get the GE to work with a Think, you need to turn off the circuit breaker before you plug into the car.

I have personally witnessed GE boxes refusing to charge Leafs, Volts and Teslas although those problems are more rare.

Hubbell had problems with their Pep Station charging boxes, but they updated to J1772 Feb 2013 and the issues are gone.

If GE would bother to check the SAE updates, they would have a better product.

Commented On: Tesla Dodges Traditional Dealerships—And Questions Remain

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Traditional dealers are there to service piston cars.

Electric cars need little service, a tire store will do every several years for most. An new windshield wiper here and there.

Pistons go away, dealer goes away. Jobs change. We all breathe easier. It will work out in the long run.

Car dealers are about as popular as Congress. Much of the time, both groups are trying to get away with something.

Commented On: Charging Your Electric Car At Home? You’re 20 Feet From Power (Probably)

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The term in the National Electrical Code is "EVSE" for Electric Vehicle Service Equipment, not EVCS. But no matter, no one uses it.

I almost always charge at 120 volts at home. I carry a portable 240 volt charging box when I travel out of town. We also have 120 volt charging available at work. Those that have long commutes might need 240 volts at home, but it is uncommon.

Most people drive less than 40 miles a day, which is about 8 hours to charge at 120 volts.
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