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Commented On: Nissan Leaf Vs. Ford Focus Electric: Compare Cars

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I agree with tompratt about the ugliness of the Leaf. I don't see any reason to be chained to the looks of gas-powered cars when a car doesn't have an internal combustion engine in it. Stand on a busy street corner and watch the mind-numbing parade of sameness go by. Designing an electric car from scratch was a chance for Nissan to introduce something fresh. They could have gone cute like the Mitsubishi i or done something approaching the sleekness of the Tesla (Elise-based). Instead, they ended up with a sad, awkward design.
I can't be a cheerleader for the Focus EV, either. No fast DC charging? The speedy level two charging doesn't make up for that. And when I sat in a Focus EV at a car show, I thought the visibility to the rear sucked.

Commented On: Best Electric-Car Cargo Space: 2012 Nissan Leaf, 2012 Toyota Plug-in Prius

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Since the Honda Fit has very good cargo space for it's size, the upcoming Fit EV might be more cargo friendly than the EVs listed above.

Commented On: Want a Retro Electric Car? Firm Plans All-Electric VW Beetle

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Ooooh! A Karman Ghia EV! I walked by a restored one in a classic car showroom in Santa Monica, California the other day. I'd forgotten what a sweet-looking car that was. Definitely under appreciated.

Commented On: 2012 Mitsubishi 'i' Electric Car Gets Pre-Sale Price Boost

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Since I don't like the Leaf, too big for my tastes, I'm pretty much left with the Honda Fit EV, Ford Focus EV and this Mitsubishi "i". I'm definitely warming to the "i". Recent measurements give it the best range of the four I've mentioned. It's got the longest road heritage, in Japan. And, as far as the look of the thing; it's easily my favorite. There's nothing sacred about aesthetics developed around a big hunk of ICE in the front compartment. Sure that Lotus is awesome looking whether it's powered by gas or turned into a Tesla sports car. But, most cars are boring, even dowdy, looking. Stand along a busy highway and watch the copy cat parade go by. Yawn. The "i" has a bit of pizazz. I might get a chance to test drive one this month!

Commented On: Five Electric Cars You’ll Still Be Able To Buy In Five Years

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No one's mentioned the Honda Fit EV. Probably because it isn't anything more than a prototype yet. Despite questions about Honda's commitment to an EV as opposed to a fuel cell vehicle, I think the Fit is an excellent choice for electrification. Honda has solid "skills". I expect them to do a good job of playing the EV game and to stay with it.

Commented On: 2012 Fiat 500 Minicar: Fun, Fashionable, Functional Fuel Economy

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What a sweet little car! I saw it and sat in it at the L. A. Auto Show in November. It seemed so sophisticated compared to other small cars I've been looking at. Very well-appointed. Im looking for an EV and I'd LOVE to be driving around town in the EV version of the Fiat 500. However, I don't think the amount of storage will work for me, especially in the EV version. I'll probably be looking at the Honda Fit EV when it comes out.
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