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Commented On: Tesla Takes The Lead On Dumping Door Mirrors For Video Cameras

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Mirrors scare me.

Commented On: Why 'Compliance Cars' Turned Out To Be Good For Electric-Car Buyers

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Once again. Funny how the comments here make the point that EVs make total economic sense over gas cars and that should be enough to make them attractive to all. That makes EVs only attractive to SOME. We need to have EVs be as attractive as ANY car for he same reasons. Buying a car: 1. I like the car a lot and want it. 2. I like the price and can afford it. 3. Don't confuse me with additional math as that's when I think I'm getting screwed. EV sales will take off and become mainstream when we think and talk of them as mainstream cars. They are better cars for all consumers. Period.

Commented On: Rare Surviving GM EV1 Waits For Savior At Missouri University

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I say a stock operating EV1 will be worth a million dollars one day.
The now 16 year old EV1 puts all of today's EVs to shame. I had a 1997 EV1 VIN #330. (Yes they started in 1996.) The NiMH version I had as a loaner one time got well into the 100 miles range even with my lead foot. This was a faster and funner car to drive than my Chevy Volt. (Did I say 16 years ago?)
I drove my EV1 for 3 years and over 30,000 miles. At the time I was sure gas cars were so obsolete that I would never have to buy gas again. I was made to be proven wrong by "the man."
That's why I for one keep a close eye on them car makers now. Cause you never know. Gas cars make them a lot of money. It's like crack for them.

Commented On: Wait, Tesla Owners And Fans Don't Care So Much About Green?

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Yes I agree John. People buy cars that perform, are efficient and look great. And if it's good for the environment, that's great too. That's the general public. Yes most people are aware that we must do more to be kind to our environment, but aren't willing to pay more to do that with their hard earned money. This is were OEMs get it so wrong. BMW brags how green their factory is and so on to make their i3 fit some new company image marketing dream. I say; shouldn't they be doing green factories anyway? Shouldn't they all? All OEMs need to say that the next car they make will be the best car they make. EVs are inherently hi-performance and better than gas cars. That's why they are going to be big sellers. NOT that they are "green." Duh!

Commented On: Tesla's Musk Promises Deep Dive Into Electric-Car Emissions

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John, what car does Mr. Zehner drive? Do you know? Is he part of the problem or the solution? What grand idea has he to make the world a better place?

I'm so tired of phony experts like this that make a living on the backs of people who get sick and die from smog made by old gasoline cars.

He needs to get on the better car train with the rest of use or he'll be left all alone at the pollution station.

Commented On: Chevrolet Volt: Range-Extended Electric Car Ultimate Guide

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If you keep recharging your Chevy Volt you can go forever without using ANY gas!

Commented On: Chevrolet Volt: Range-Extended Electric Car Ultimate Guide

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Dear Author. FYI, the Volt runs on battery all the time and never uses ANY gasoline of you keep it plugged in and recharge when ever you park it. Most Volt owners don't use gas unless they go farther than the battery can take them. Then, and only then does the gas generator come on.
This is the genius of a plugin car electric car with a range extending generator.. You get cheap power from your home and can avoid using gasoline that way. If you want to drive 380 miles without stopping you can in the Volt buy using some gas. Do your research on this please.

Commented On: Why Tesla Launched Battery Swapping; Is It Now In Danger?

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Just because most OEMs game the ZEV credit system does't mean they all do.
Tesla's battery swapping is part of a long term business strategy, not a short term fad like hydrogen cars. I don't think Tesla is going to rely on CARB or any other gov. rules to keep them successful in the long run.

It may turn out that battery swapping may not become that popular, needed, or used that much. We will see. They are saying they are going to offer it and see what the customers say. Good way to do it.

Commented On: Honda, Fiat Stick To Minimal Numbers Of Popular Electric Cars

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Doesn't the ZEV Mandate get ramped up in 2014 and then again in 2018?
So . . .

Commented On: 2014 Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid: First Drive

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Of course if you keep it recharged and drive under 83 MPH you won't use any gasoline. :) Good job Porsche! Keep them coming.
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