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Commented On: Who Will Drive BMW i3 Electric Cars? Waify Metrosexuals, According To Ad

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I am here for all of the Spring semester(5 months) as a Fulbright Scholar. There are an interesting range of cars here, and Audi, Mercedes, ans BMW are quite common.

Commented On: Got An Energy-Efficient Household? Drive Electric For Free!

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As I have noted on this site and others, we have a 5.5 kW solar PV system and a solar hot water system and a 3000 square foot house in California, we have not paid any electric use fees since that install in 2008.....and we are also charging both a Volt and a Leaf and staying quite cool during those warm California summers.

We will be building a new home in Vacaville (which had the very first L3 public charger) later this year, and we are even looking at a light colored roof to further reduce AC needs. We will have garage chargers for both the J1772 and the Tesla Model S which is scheduled to arrive next month.

Commented On: Worst Thing About The Tesla Model S? Driving Anything Else Afterwards

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Check the pricing on the Fiat 500e if you live in California. They are giving them away here.

Commented On: 2013 Tesla Model S: Now Available In Red, At Last

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This is what we have on order with delivery late next month.

Commented On: Life With 2013 Tesla Model S: Some Bikes Don't Fit

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Totally agree, besides aero losses, an external rack has theft risk too. I have both a Birdy folder and a BIke Friday. I have to admit the Bike Friday is completely worth the price. Heck once I got even the Birdy I quit using my titanium frame mountain bike for commuting. Do NOT waste time and money on any of the cheapo folders however.

Commented On: Lotus Mobile: A Portable, Affordable Solar Charging Solution?

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IF one was carrying this in the vehicle, it would be extremely heavy and incur a significant burden in terms of simply "moving that mass." OTOH, it it was installed, as noted by others, as a carport, it would provide shade AND power into the vehicle and/or grid. Charging from the grid IMHO is still the best source for EVs, but having many solar PV systems feeding INTO the grid should be a major source for that system's power base.

However, has anybody actually tried to find the links to either the Kickstarter source or other "hard info" on this product/company?

Commented On: On Picking Data: Car And Driver's Deceptive Electric-Car Sales Graph

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There were significant federal tax credits for hybrids up to a certain number per company. Apparently and conveniently you have forgotten that?

Commented On: Mitsubishi CA-MiEV Concept: Compact Electric Car At Geneva

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Sorry to put a little cold water on part of the hype, but the 186 mile range comes fron the VERY easy Japanese protocol and while still clearly better/longer than the Gen 1 iMIEV this new one is more like 125-130 mile on the US standard.

Commented On: BMW i3 Electric Car, i8 Plug-In Hybrid: First Rides For Journalists

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I am still "confused." Where are the actual driving impressions from "journalists?" This seems to be a rehash of much earlier BMW publicity.

What is new or based on Anthony's or any other journalist actual time behind the wheel?

I am trying to stay up on everything about these new BMW designs, and I, too, am still hoping to add an i3REX to my garage late this year. As I write this I am in Warsaw, Poland and I have not ruled out using my already approved press credentials to catch the action next week in Geneva.

Commented On: Predicting Chevy Volt Sales: Is California Inventory The Key?

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Since this is a correlation, it requires that you have current data to predict the other variable, and it would seem that previous national sales would be as good or better than concurrent California sales? Or am I missing something?

That is, to predict sales nationally in X month, you have to have California sales for X month, so why is that better than using National sales for the month earlier or just getting the National sales at the same time as the California sales?

Further, since as you point out, California sales are generally 50% of the national total anyway, then California sales numbers are MOST of what is contained in the national total. Or, the data/approach is using "X to predict X."
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