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Commented On: Tesla Dodges Traditional Dealerships—And Questions Remain

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Are you sure, Bengt? "The automaker has been hitting 11,000 visitors or more in a single day at at least one of its stores..." How can they possibly handle this much traffic in one location in one day?

Commented On: Motor City As ‘Z World’? Entrepreneur Floats Idea Of 200-Acre Zombie Theme Park

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too much opportunity for injury. It will never happen, as they could never afford the liability coverage.

Commented On: Electric Cars: Some Are Real, Most Are Only 'Compliance Cars'--We Name Names

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John, I thought this was a great article!
I'm disappointed that you think the Focus Electric is a compliance car...I think Ford has put enough R&D into the Focus Electric (and the other electric cars in their pipeline) that it will be a "REAL" electric car when it does finally arrive.
Also, you didn't mention the smart EV, which MUST be a compliance car, because I've seen it advertised as available for lease on their site for two years, but have never seen a single one on the road, nor can i find "REAL" information about it on their media site.

Commented On: You Do The Dishes, I'll Get The Car Repaired?

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At my house, my husband always allowed me to take care of the cars. I simply knew more about them than he did, and if I didn't know, I had access to a crew of automotive experts who could help me out.
There's nothing wrong with a man who doesn't know how to take care of a car, especially today as vehicles have become increasingly complicated. As women have entered the workforce, societal roles and responsibilities have changed.
Lots of women aren't such good cooks, anymore, either.
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