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Commented On: Cheesiest DC Fast-Charging Video Ever: Tight Dress, High Heels Included

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This is what every B2B corporate video looks like, not worth piling on. What's missing is context; a few moments spent from the woman's point of view showing why she's dressed up (off to a wedding?) and out of charge (forgot to plug in?) would have done the trick.

Commented On: Five Top Accessories and Modifications For Your 2011 Nissan Leaf

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A stick-on LED light for the interior of the charge port is a must.

Commented On: Electric-Car Fire: Flaming Garage Shows Media Ignorance

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When I purchase my RAV4-EV back in 2002 there was a questionable story involving a Chrysler GEM neighborhood electric vehicle that caught fire at a supermodel's house. The media was trying to make a scare story out of -that-, and all I can say is that the Web has a very long memory indeed:

Commented On: Chevy Volt Outsells Nissan Leaf Again: March Electric Car Sales

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Evil Attorney got it right. The Leaf's had its production capped at 20K cars for months now, and they're only just starting to trickle in. Really, I couldn't imagine any alternative vehicle selling out as fast as the Leaf has. The Volt should just be called what it is, a plugin hybrid and left out of the EV comparisons entirely.
I bought my RAV4-EV in 2002 and sold it five years later when production ceased for more than I paid for it. Brilliant. With gas hitting $5 at the pump, that could happen here as well - and if not, who the heck cares about the tradein? That's an 8 year warranty - find me a gas car that's worth anything after eight years. Besides, by 2019 we'll probably be buying disposable flux capacitors at Target and inserting them into the dash anyway.
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