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Commented On: Rolls-Royce's Largest North American Dealership Opens On Long Island

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@Brian, that really did make me laugh out loud...

Commented On: Cars And Colognes: What Dad Doesn't Want For Fathers' Day

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@Paul, are you insinuating that my "Fragrancegate" piece won't net me a Pulitzer? Damn, there goes a perfectly good acceptance speech...

Commented On: 1956 Mercedes-Benz 300SL Barn Find

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@Alex, thank you for the update. Are you willing to disclose the selling price?

Commented On: 1970 Plymouth 'Cuda Is Part Car, Part Family Member: Video

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@Frank, thanks for the kind words. I can take credit for the article, but the video was filmed by Mike Musto as part of his "Big Muscle" series on YouTube's drive channel.

Commented On: Roush Downsizes With Six-Cylinder RS Mustang Package

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@Brian, as far as I can tell, Roush hasn't jumped into those waters just yet. It's supercharger kits, for example, are only available for V-8 Mustangs.

Step one of making a V-6 Mustang go faster has to be finding a stouter driveshaft. Next would be an ECU reflash, followed by the usual intake - headers - exhaust mods.

Commented On: Cadillac Eyes International Expansion Of Its Racing Program

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@burketwo, DTM will combine with the U.S. Grand Am series and the Japanese Super GT series in 2015 for a global series. It's not clear how many races will be held in China and Eastern Europe, though.

Commented On: 2013 VW Beetle Convertible Launching With Three Special Editions

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@Paul, for now it sounds like only the convertible will be offered in a retro theme. The wheels will likely be available accessories from VW, though.

Commented On: NHTSA Ends Investigation Into Mustang Manual Transmission

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@jmiche2, please keep us posted on whether or not the dealer's fix solves the problem.

Commented On: May 2012 Car Sales: The Best-Selling (And Worst-Selling) Vehicles

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@Eric, agree about the F-Series and trucks in general. Unless you need a truck for work or leisure, I fail to see their appeal.

Commented On: 2013 Porsche 911 Carrera 4 And Carrera 4S Coming Next

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@WizardsLore, that's why an invented both ale and lager. For me, the ultimate 911 is the rear-drive Carrera GTS, which will (hopefully) be coming soon in the new version. It's the only 911 variant I've ever driven that's made me say, "I must own one."
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