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Commented On: Electric-Car Charging Station Locator App Companies To Merge

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Great app.....

Commented On: Elon Musk, CEO Of 'Loser' Tesla, Suggests Romney Got It Wrong

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Good point - hmmm - I guess that means we cut the $50 billion+ a year subsides payed directly to the oil companies too - right? Strangely no one seems to mind that one.

Commented On: January Electric Car Sales Low: Winter A Factor?

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Another "made you look", hyper-stupid article on EV sales numbers. The inference is that demand has been indicated when in reality the only fact revealed is the number delivered to customers. Until there is no backlog of orders these sales numbers do not reflect market demand - only manufacturing output. If you care to bother with the truth, please start reporting how many months of backlog still exist for EVs.

Commented On: Nissan Exec Calls Electric Leaf Pollution "Bull"

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The sad thing here is that we all continue to miss the real point; fossil fuel production is far dirtier than electricity production. With gassers you get double duty; dirty car emissions + dirty oil refinement. While EVs are 0 + electricity production.

Commented On: Hydrogen: Entering The Limelight, Or Still Not Ready Yet?

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Hydrogen is a complete diversion predicated on the theory that the only way to move us down the road is to burn something. Who is stupid enough to believe that producing hydrogen is going to use less fossil fuel than producing gas, diesel, or electricity? If you see hydrogen as an energy storage system then consider the efficiency loss to create it and then burn it - its just too expensive for our wallets and our environment.

Commented On: 2013 Chevrolet Spark: Details, Live Photos From L.A. Auto Show

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Cute little car. Expect huge demand for the EV version if they don't screw up the pricing.

Commented On: One Year, One Talk-Show Host, 11,000 Miles, And No Gasoline

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People who have the option to drive on EV power end up doing everything they can to avoid driving on gas.

Commented On: Little Love For Nissan Leaf In Luxury-Conscious Hong Kong

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This sounds like another heavily bias slander piece based on numbers alone. The same tripe is served up here about both the Leaf and the Volt. The real demand for this car should be measured by the length of the waiting list. Show me the lot full of unsold Leafs and then I'll believe.

Commented On: Audi To Sell Electric Urban Concept, Join The Not-Quite-Car Parade?

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These represent pathetic attempts at "Green-Badging"; car makers that parade stupid science-project like vehicles and try and pacify the public with an environmentally friendly product knowing that little or no sales will be made. So sad, when you consider the imaginative high performance early versions of the Audi E-Tron, Mercedes E-Cell, and even the BMW Mini-E. Some manufacturers are already building practical cars that make a ton of sense, do not use fossil fuel, and look nice if not better than the gassers. I'll admit that they are still too expensive and that the charging infrastructure is still feeble. But, given the choice, I'll never buy another gasser, and can't wait to get my second all electric drive car.

Commented On: Do Plug-In Hybrids Matter? #YouTellUs

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Three quick thoughts:
- Plug-in hybrids are a critically important option for those in states without the EV infrastructure.
- Once the EV infrastructure is in place and battery range increases, plug-in hybrids are going to look like liesure suits - outdated.
- The world market place has shifted gears and new technologies are adopted much faster than what we have seen in the auto industry historically. I predict that EVs will become the standard much faster than we might typically expect.
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