Concepts To Make Electric Cars Cool: VW Bulli, Nissan Esflow

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The 2011 Geneva Motor Show in March brought a number of new models out of the closet. But for the green car fan, two concepts were the gems of the show: the return of the legendary Volkswagen Microbus, and an electric sports car from Nissan that just might be affordable. Bulli for the Microbus The Volkswagen Bulli con...Read more

Cleaner Cars Save You Gas, Also Save Lives, Cut Health Costs

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Cars that consume less fuel have many benefits, including lower gasoline costs. Now it turns out that they also bring significant public-health benefits, reducing health-care costs and premature deaths from cardiopulmonary causes. The challenge is that the costs and benefits aren't equally spread. The American Lung As...Read more

Will Japanese Power Problems Mean Fewer 2011 Toyota Prius Cars?

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World supplies of the highly popular Toyota Prius hybrid could be further threatened by new electric power problems in Japan. The Japanese government requested on Friday, May 6, that the Hamaoka nuclear power plant system shut down all of its reactors, which supply to the central Japanese power grid. The plant has a s...Read more

Earth Day: Eager Electric-Car Advocates Meet Unaware Public

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Three weeks ago, in a suburban park in Roseville, California--just outside the state capital, Sacramento--a community celebration of Earth Day served as a gathering of the greenest cars now available. Both participants and random park-goers were drawn to the cars, providing a chance for eager owners to educate members...Read more

What Good Is Fast-Charging For Electric Cars If It's Closed?

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Vacaville, California, has the distinction of the very first public Level 3 or DC quick charging station for electric cars to be installed in the United States. It was first activated in late May 2010, and was used very soon after for a small fleet of Mitsubishi i-MIEV models to make a trip from San Francisco to Sacra...Read more