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Commented On: 2013 Nissan NV200: First Drive

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Sure wish Nissan would fire all of its designers.

Commented On: Volkswagen Drops Lofty Sales Target, Dealers Exhale

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The decided to build a bland, ho-hum Passat about the same time Ford stubbornly released a stylish, engaging mid-size sedan, the Fusion--the same with Hyundai and the Sonata. Then, they decided to suck the life out of the Beetle.

And VW does not have enough depth in their lineup. Where’s the small pickup? Where’s the Eurovan (kill that Chrysler thing). Where’s the small sports car (Scirocco)? Where’s the mid-size, affordable CUV? Where’s the hybrids?

Commented On: Wanxiang-VL Offer For Fisker Reported To Be Just $20 Million

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I could scrape together a few hundred bucks, will they take that?

Commented On: Bob Lutz's VL Automotive Bidding For Ailing Fisker: Report

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Way to turn a forward-thinking, eco-friendly car into a 1970s, gas-guzzler throw back with a V-8 engine. Now there’s nothing unique about this car. No reason to buy it. Dumb.

Commented On: Mazda Considers Diesel Option For Next-Gen MX-5 Miata: Report

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They need to fix the design first. The Miata has been junked up with a bunch of goofy add-on design bits, leftover from Mazda’s various “new directions”. Bulging wheel wells? Yep, they were added to the Miata a while back. Beak-like smiling air intake? Yep, that was grafted on. Mazda 3-ish clear taillights? Yep, paste those on, boys… the result is a stale and over-wrought design that lacks focus and excitement.

Commented On: 2014 Subaru Forester Recalled For Floor Mat “Curling”

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Don’t those floor mats know that curling is a really dumb sport? What are they, Canadian? : )

Commented On: Will Your Next Pickup Be A Hyundai?

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Commented On: HID Headlamps: Brighter, But Failing To Shine In The Mass Market

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I had them on my Mazda and loved them! Much brighter than regular halogen lights. And better peripheral vision too. The only negative I found was a strong cut-off pattern way down the road. The lights just seemed to STOP abruptly compared to a halogen.

Commented On: Volkswagen e-Up Electric Minicar: Forbidden Fruit For Europe Only

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Why add lighting to the front end of an electric car? This seems to be a trend lately to “dress up” the e-cars. Shouldn’t you be conserving every ounce of energy on an electric vehicle?

Commented On: 2015 Ford Mustang: Same Power, Fewer Cylinders, Better MPG?

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I’m OK with the turbo 4. Even BMW is using them. But it’s disappointing to hear that the next Mustang will only get an update to the existing platform. I was hoping they’d use a modern RWD platform--maybe something from their Australian devision. The Mustang needs a complete re-think not just a warmed over version. And it needs to shrink about 90%--that Mustang monster is huge. You ever tried to park one in a city garage?
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