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Commented On: Why Dan Wheldon's Death Should NOT Mean The End Of Auto Racing

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Fantastic read, Nelson, though I wouldn't worry about Ms. Greenwell's opinion gaining any ground. There may be changes on the horizon but I believe there is an understanding that Wheldon's death was the tragic, freak result of many factors acting at once - not the sport of auto racing itself.

Commented On: All-Electric DeLorean DMC-12 Gullwing Coupe Coming For 2013?

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Ramon, from what I understand DeLorean has been producing original DMC-12s for special orders for more than a decade. I will have to check on that claim about the sea, that would be quite a story!

Commented On: The Five Most Pointless Carbon Fiber Car Accessories

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I would certainly add carbon fiber shifters to the list. It wouldn't be so bad if it were fake CF or just the CF-style design, but using the actual material on something so small and light in the first place seems like a waste. They do look cool, but not the most practical upgrade in the world.

Commented On: Video: Chevrolet Corvette Z06 Doing 230 MPH Crashes At Texas Mile

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Lucky lucky lucky. Not many who have crashed at that speed can say they walked away.

Commented On: There Could Be A Little Lotus In Your Next EV

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You mean like the Tesla Roadster S, Dodge Circuit EV or Hennessey Venom GT? Automakers seem to have been turning to Lotus for bodies so it makes sense that they would take a look at their powertrain. I like the idea that one company's innovation could lead to widespread use throughout the industry.

Commented On: Tesla Model S Update: Alpha Testing On Track, Deliveries Mid-2012

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Tesla proved that they can do the improbable with the Roadster, but the Model S production numbers and claimed specs are still so difficult to believe, even with Toyota backing. Especially when you consider how challenging and expensive it is to produce a brand new model from the ground up (and electric to boot!). Musk is prone to hyperbole so we shall see.

Commented On: Ten Sedans That Would Make Great Wagons

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Tom, you're right, the C30 is technically a wagon but I was dreaming of an extended wheelbase. A friend on Facebook also pointed out that Infiniti has a G-based wagon in the EX, but I think it would still be possible to create a wagon more true to its styling roots without being too redundant. Anyway, it's fun to dream!
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