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Commented On: Diesel Fuel Derived From Algae Now Testing In 2 VW TDI Models

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Just read a review of the scientific literature and now soot is considered more potent a warming agent than CO2. Desertification is the real danger, for a variety of reasons. In Africa they burn brush to allow new growth - burning one hector of land the same emissions as 6000 cars each year, and they burn one BILLION hectors of land each year in Africa. See Allan Savory TED video for a brilliant (and cheap) solution.

Commented On: Despite Pollution, China Still Isn't Committed To Electric Cars

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Considering the large amount of coal China burns, electric cars
are a total non-solution. Apparently no one has bothered to check on what the Chinese are doing. And it's a whole lot more and a lot more effective (especially cost-effective) than California's ill-conceived "renewable" strategy. China has more nuclear plants under construction than the rest of the world combined and will have 600 by mid-century and 1600 by the turn of the century. And they can build them at less cost than an
equivalent pumped storage facility California is building that
can hold a mere 10 hours of power,required by solar/wind. I calculated the land required for a solar farm big enough to equal one reactor: 80,000 acres. Desertification is the bigger

Commented On: Elon Musk & SolarCity Offer Honda, Acura Owners Subsidized Solar Power

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The only locale on the planet that still seems to think solar
power makes sense is, apparently, California. Italy has enacted an outright ban on any solar installations, despite it sunny climate, and payments to solar providers of the grid have been sharply reduced to more accurately reflect actual value. Solar panels manufacturers are going broke and cutting back production. Germany, which for years had led the world in solar installations, is now favoring coal plants over solar. And now Ohio State has succeeded in extracting energy from coal without burning or emissions. Since solar and wind both require fossil fueled peak generator backup, it looks like coal, nuclear,
hydro and geo will be the only way of achieving zero emissions power

Commented On: Japan's Electric Taxis Falling Out Of Favor With Drivers

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Once again - it's all about the battery.

Commented On: New Lithium-Ion Battery Tech Could Appear In Next Few Years

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As I have said more than once, it's all about the batteries.
Tesla can build an attractive vehicle, but its cost is obscene,
its extended trip capabilities practically non-existent, and
due to its tiny numbers, of no conceivable importance in the scheme of things, notwithstanding the self-promoting boasts of Elon Musk, author of the most misleading (to be generous) product claims of all time. ANY decent automaker can build an attractive car, and make it electric, given the right battery.
A company (as Tesla demonstrates) doesn't even have to engineer a motor or transmission, which is far and away the most difficult engineering task for an ICE automaker. Pushing electric car technology without a practical battery is a total waste of time.

Commented On: Is Tomorrow The Most Important Day Ever For Tesla Motors?

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Profitability is all about competition. Less competition means greater profits. At this point in time Tesla has no competition in its market segment. But this is due to change in the near future.
What stock analysts will worry about is that , for Tesla, it gets harder from this point going forward. Like the problems now engulfing Apple, obliterating its stock, all roads lead downward for a company at the top, especially one with no
intrinsic (patented) technological advantages. Tesla cannot control access to either its electric motors or batteries, the only important parts that differentiate EV versus non-EV road warriors. We won't know anything for sure until competition arrives. Current data is mostly meaningless as a future guide.

Commented On: Nissan Leaf-Owning Actor: Electricity Good, Nuclear... Not So Much

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The Japanese have a strange idea of what constitutes a disaster.
A tsunami that kills over 10,000 and destroys entire cities and towns is not mentioned, while a nuclear accident that kills nobody, and results in a "slight injury" to several plant workers is a "disaster." Japan now pays a whole lot more for electricity and is burning fossil fuels by the hundreds of thousands of tons. They have now rejected the emissions agreements they signed a few years ago and their emissions will not only not be reduced, but will be increased dramatically unless they restart their nuclear plants. There are now signs however, that a more rational approach is being talked about.
Opposition to nuclear power is always based on fear and ignorance. Always.

Commented On: Tesla Model S: Glitches, Quirks, and Peccadilloes Roundup

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Motor mags are accustomed to testing acceleration, handling, etc
They never consider driving range because for their usual gas powered vehicle, its never an issue. Therefore they have produced invalid testing for the Model S, which has an unacceptable driving range,for all its models, for extended travel. I laugh out loud at Tesla website's claim that implies a 300 mile range on the Interstates. Or the EPA's "highway driving range"of 264 miles, also a piece of nonsense. Both are fantasies, which Green Car Reports seems unable or unwilling to
deal with. Expect 200 (or much worse) rather than 300 (or 264) range. The Model T was a game changer because it was cheap. The Model S is not. It's an around-town car. The Model T is as fast on trips.

Commented On: 2013 Ford Hybrids' Gas Mileage Generates First Lawsuit

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Let's get this straight: the EPA provides official gas mileage figures, which an automaker then quotes on their advertising. Then some consumer mag disputes those figures and now the Feds are suing. But who are they actually suing? Their own Federal sister agency which provides the official figures? Can't sue them, regardless of what they do or say. Why hasn't GM or Tesla been sued for their range and energy consumption claims, which
can easily fall 20% below EPA official figures?

Commented On: Electric Cars Are Doing Just Fine, Says Volt Patron Bob Lutz

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Saw the article that prompted Lutz' response and was astounded at how many Volts were being leased at a loss by GM, but counted as "sold vehicles," not to mention the fact that a lot of them have been bought by the current administration for their military officers. GM and the Feds are obviously engaging in gross misrepresentation of the Volt's appeal. Fact is, few are buying the car, even with the $7500 Federal subsidy. Low gas prices have further reduced the car's appeal. And Lutz' claim that the Tesla has a 264 mile range, at least for travelling on the interstates, where it matters, is grossly optimistic, even with ideal conditions and a brand new battery.
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