BMW ActiveE Electric Car, Seen Through Nissan Leaf Driver's Eyes

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The e-mail pitch from BMW said, "Electronauts Wanted". The goal was to get several hundred drivers to lease a new electric car, the BMW ActiveE, for two years to give BMW more real-world data on how people use these cars in the real world. A total of 700 ActiveEs are on their way to America. The lease offer--with unre...Read more

Electric Cars Are Coming, Believe It Or Not, Nissan Leaf Driver Says

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After 13,000 miles behind the wheel of an all-electric Nissan Leaf, I have a few observations to pass along to those of you still tethered to your least favorite gas station. Here's the main one: Driving electric is the future, and the future is now. There has been lots of ink spilled these past months on the perils o...Read more

How Far Left On My Leaf? Electric-Car Charging Location Apps: Review

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The all-electric Nissan Leaf is a gas to drive. The car is peppy, quiet, and holds the road nicely. But its practical range is approximately 75 miles on an 80-percent battery charge. To combat “range anxiety” (the fear of running out of juice), Nissan offers a function in their navigation system that (1) n...Read more

2011 Nissan Leaf: Free Recharging At Dealers, Except When They Balk

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EDITOR'S NOTE: We received the article below on July 6th from Nissan Leaf owner Bill Schwartz, and asked Nissan Americas for a comment before we published it. Brendan Jones, director of Leaf marketing and sales strategy, said that the comments by the Surf City Nissan employee "were not authorized statements," and that ...Read more

Why Buy A Hybrid Over The Comparable Gas Model?

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There's a new study out that says it will take $7 dollar gas to make it economical for buyers of hybrids to break even in lieu of purchasing a gas equivalent. It's a specious study because it lumps in all hybrids into one big pool as if they are equal.  All hybrids are not equal. If you go out and buy the high en...Read more