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Commented On: Reader Question: Can I Tow My Prius Behind My RV or Motorhome?

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Your comment isn't completely true, though it's a fair generalization. There are several automatic transmission vehicles that can be flat (or dinghy) towed.
Here is a resource that lists them by model year and make.

Commented On: How Smaller Engines Offer More Power: Superchargers Vs Turbos

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Don't forget that Ford's new Scorpion diesel is already in production with exhaust "in the vee" and a single, twin-scroll turbo.

Commented On: 2011 Chevrolet Volt: Electric Drive Impressions

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Did any journalists do the mileage challenge with the windows up and the climate control off? I'm curious what range they got, since the car is undoubtedly more aerodynamic without the windows open.
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