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Commented On: Jeep’s Liberty Replacement May Revive Cherokee Nameplate: Report

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Loved the original Cherokees. If I didn't have a 68 Scout, I would have a late model old school Cherokee.

Commented On: Small Cars Haven't Been This Big For Nearly 20 Years

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WTF I know. I go to Europe on occasion, and when I do the choices for cars are amazing and small. I like that.

Commented On: The Most Important New Cars For 2013

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while the Cadillac is a terrific car, and designed well, the new one should have been its own unique design, taking tips from the other one, but having a unique look on its own.

Commented On: Four Family Sedans To Watch In 2012: Video

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Ford Fusion looks good.

Commented On: Did Honda Get The 2013 Accord's Design Right? #YouTellUs

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Come on Honda, you make a terrific sedan and other kinds of cars. Somebody gets paid a great deal of money for designs. Step up, and this is not it.

Commented On: Only 1 In 25 New Cars Has A Manual Gearbox Now: Why?

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If I lost manual, I just would hate it.

Commented On: Will Saab's Demise Draw Bargain Hunters To Dealers?

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The best Saab is a 93 turbo, before say 2005. Drove the sh*t out of one in Chicago through RSSH and that car was rock solid. Love. Oh and I would buy another one.

Commented On: 2013 Cadillac ATS Priced From $33,990

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This car needed its own identity and did not get it. However, they will sell them on the skirts of the CTS.

Commented On: 2012 Volkswagen Passat: TheCarConnection's Six-Month Road Test

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Bloated and butt ugly. Come on. VW built a great looking CC, can't you possibly come up with a Family Boat that is nice looking?

Commented On: Audi's Q1 Compact Crossover Resurfaces As Q2: Report

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I would love the Q2 or whatever, but guaranteed it will get you to 40K somehow.
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