Summer Soft-Top Fun: 2011 Smart ForTwo Passion Cabriolet

Green Car Reports
We're quickly counting down to the Memorial Day weekend and, at least where we are, the weather is nice (for once). What better time to consider the single greenest soft-top available, the 2011 Smart ForTwo Cabrio? Driving the little Smart through a particularly "urban" part of town, a brother crossing the street shout...Read more

Demanding Unobtanium: Cars We Want, But Can't Have

Motor Authority
Believe it or not, there was a time when Mitsubishi's Evo and Subaru's WRX were not available on these shores—they were that ultra-rare element known as unobtanium. Famed all over the world for their outstanding abilities, they were denied to U.S. drivers until popular demand convinced their manufacturers these c...Read more

Chad McQueen Interviewed On Steve McQueen's LeMans On DVD And Bluray

Motor Authority
Without question, one of the most influential racing films ever produced, Steve McQueen's LeMans, originally released in 1971, is slated for re-release on DVD and Bluray on May 24, in time for its 40th anniversary. Noted in particular for its highly realistic depiction of the racing of the day, much of the film was sho...Read more

Movies With Cars As Stars

The Car Connection
The recent Mercedes-Benz Drive And Seek film featuring the new C-Class coupe is but one example of a very popular marketing ploy manufacturers of interesting cars have called upon in recent years. All of these films owe a debt of gratitude to the original "Car As Star" film, Rendezvous, released in 1976, ostensibly fea...Read more

BMW Opens Direct-Sales eBay Store

Motor Authority
Never one to miss an opportunity for higher performance, BMW has been eyeing the sales activity of its parts on the auction powerhouse eBay site for some time now. Angus McCarey, U.K. retail director of eBay says they see over 600,000 BMW oriented searches a month. With that said, it was only a matter of time before th...Read more