Used Car Dealers - What Should You Look For?

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Purchasing a used car can make for a fun adventure, especially when a person loves the feeling of getting a great bargain. Used cars are a great way to purchase vehicles with low mileage for $1,000's of dollars less than the new car price, because you let someone else pay the crazy depreciation for those first two year...Read more

Top Cars To Buy A Teenager

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When kids enter the teenage years it can be a difficult time for many parents, and choosing what type of car to buy for a teenager can be even scarier. You need to balance coolness with safety, speed with gas mileage and the stereo--well that’s a whole other issue. One of the best ways to help make an educ...Read more

How Can I Dispute A Car Insurance Claim Payout?

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Car insurance companies offer a lot of promises when selling you a policy but when it comes to submitting a claim some consumers often experience a payout significantly less than expected. Although this can be frustrating you have to understand every policy holder has a right to dispute an insurance company’s claim ...Read more

Why Gap Insurance Is Critical For A New Car

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GAP insurance is short for “Guaranteed Auto Protection” insurance and is critical for anyone purchasing or leasing a new model car. GAP insurance works as an extra layer of insurance coverage on top of your basic auto insurance policy. When a vehicle suffers total loss, or is considered a “write-off” by a car ...Read more

Popular Car Insurance Discounts

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Some people estimate over 50 percent of car insurance customers pay higher premiums than required every month, however, the little industry secret is that many times your present car insurance company can provide lower rates just by you making a phone call. Think about this … When was the last time you shopped for ...Read more