Hybrid Garbage Truck Now On Sale In U.S.: Saving Fuel While Hauling Trash

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We can buy a hybrid or electric vehicles and cover the roof of our homes in solar panels, but when it comes to other aspects of our daily lives a fossil-fuel reducing lifestyle is often a the whim of local governments or private businesses. One we often forget about, at least until they wake you one morning with the cl...Read more

Smart Electric Drive Ad: Where Winning Drag Races Really Counts

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Whatever you think of the diminutive city cars produced by Daimler's Smart brand, the company certainly has a talent for marketing. The latest ad from Smart Canada has the same sort of self-deprecating humor that Volkswagen used for years when advertising its Beetle--another rear-engined small car loved and hated in eq...Read more

Panoz Esperante Returns At Monterey Car Week

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This year's Monterey Car Week seems busier than ever, with headline-grabbing auctions, classic cars galore and all manner of special-edition sports cars. But for Panoz, it's also a chance to release a special 25th Anniversary Edition of the Esperante Spyder, celebrating the specialty sports-car maker's quarter-century ...Read more

Mazda To Offer Diesel-Hybrid (In Japan Only) While U.S. Diesels Still MIA

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Mazda's American customers are still waiting on their first diesel model, but the Japanese brand could soon offer its home-market customers a diesel hybrid option too. According to the Yomiuri Shimbun (via Autoblog Green), Mazda could start building diesel-hybrids as early as 2016. Mazda was due to launch a diesel vers...Read more

Polaris Slingshot: Is A 173-HP, $20K '3-Wheeled Motorcycle' A Car?

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Three wheeled vehicles get a lot of attention from hardcore fans of performance cars. They also get plenty of attention from hardcore fans of green vehicles--as they share many of the same desirable characteristics, like an aerodynamic teardrop shape with surprising stability, and light weight. It's fair to say the Pol...Read more