Tesla's Important Not Only For Electric Cars But For Silicon Valley: Opinion

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The Tesla Model S is undoubtedly an excellent car. It's quick, efficient, looks good to most eyes and can compete with most fossil-fueled equivalents on even footing. READ: White House Responds To Tesla Direct-Sales Petition: Sorry, Talk To Congress But it's arguably not Tesla's, nor Silicon Valley's most important pro...Read more

Quant Limousine With Flow-Cell Battery Tech Begins German Road Trials

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At the Geneva Motor Show in March, German firm Quant revealed a car powered by what it called 'nanoFLOWCELL' technology. Now, the flow-cell vehicle will make its road-going debut, as the car has been approved for real-world testing by the TÜV or Technischer Überwachungsverein, Germany's road safety ...Read more

V40 Polestar To Be The Next Fast Volvo?

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Swedish tuning firm Polestar needs very little introduction. It takes sensible Volvos, paints them an eye-searing shade of blue, and makes them very brisk indeed. It's managed to turn the S60 sedan and V60 wagon into proper drivers cars, and already taken victory in Australia's V-8 Supercars series. The prospect of a P...Read more

Airbus Electric Aircraft Makes Public Flight In UK, We Still Want One

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Aircraft--larger ones, at least--are surprisingly fuel-efficient ways of moving people around. They are however quite noisy, and aren't subject to nearly as many pollution controls as road vehicles, so there's still plenty room for improvement. The E-Fan light aircraft, designed by Airbus, looks like a suitable alterna...Read more

nanoFLOWCELL-Powered Quant e-Limo Approved For German Road Trials

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So many companies claim to have developed the future of road car propulsion that those making genuine strides run the risk of being ignored. Luckily, German firm Quant is avoiding such a fate, as its innovative 'flow-cell'-powered vehicle has just been approved for real-world testing by the German TÜV safety...Read more