Mercedes S-Class Designer Hints At Future Interior Tech, Including Gesture Control

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The current-generation Mercedes-Benz S-Class already set new standards for interior comfort and technology when it debuted in 2013, but the next car, due in 2018, will take things another step forward. Speaking to Auto Express, Mercedes’ chief interior designer Jan Kaul said that the brand intends to steal b...Read more

BMW i8 Named Official Safety Car Of Formula E: Video

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If you're going to launch a low-emissions motor sport like Formula E, you'll want to extend its ethos into off-track aspects of the series too. There's little use preaching about clean electric racers if the safety car is a V-8-engined gas-guzzler, which is why the electric single-seater series has unveiled the 2015 BM...Read more

Struggling NEVS Shows Off Saab 9-3 Electric Prototype

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Saab can't seem to catch a break. Tossed like a hot coal in General Motors' restructuring, its prospects unchanged by Spyker's purchase and now struggling under Chinese-Swedish firm NEVS, watching the story unfold is like watching an old friend on their death bed. NEVS, or National Electric Vehicles Sweden, does at lea...Read more

A Brief History Of Three-Wheeled Cars

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What do the Elio, Aptera, Toyota i-Road concept and the spectacularly awful Zap Xebra have in common? They--and many more small-volume economical vehicles and concepts besides--all use one fewer wheel than the norm. Yet giving fuel-saving cars just three wheels is not a new phenomenon, stretching right back to the dawn...Read more

Honda Launches Fit Modification Program For SEMA

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The Specialty Equipment Market Association show in Las Vegas—more commonly known as SEMA—is one of the year's biggest modified car shows, attracting thousands of industry personnel from across the globe. As such it can be an important springboard for companies to show their wares, and this year several will...Read more