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Commented On: Cheesiest DC Fast-Charging Video Ever: Tight Dress, High Heels Included

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It is nice to see the writers, crew, and actors of the porn industry finding other work. :)

Commented On: How Far Would You Go To Charge Your Electric Vehicle?

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With my Leaf, I just plug in while parked in my garage. No problem. With my old EV that only had a 40 mile range, I once ran an extension cord from my brother-in-law's basement to get a 240V charge.

Commented On: 2014 Tesla Model X 'Falcon Doors' May Limit Crossover Utility

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FUD FUD FUD 'Oh no, you can't use a roof rack. Oh no, it might rollover. Oh no, it has a glass roof. Oh no, you might get trapped by the doors.' This is the sort of "reporting" I expect from another three letter news source, not GCR.

If you have some actual data about the safety results, let's hear it. Otherwise this is wild speculation better suited to a blog.

It is easy to throw rocks at innovations. Tesla could just do things like everybody else, but then they would not be the first auto company to go public in 50 years.

If your #1 criteria is something that fits your Yakima, then keep looking. As Rick said "Frunk!" There is plenty of storage.

As for the safety issues, S is the safest in class. My guess is X will be too.

Commented On: What's Wrong With Chevy Volt Ads & How To Fix Them

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No question they have made a lot of mistakes. I think many of these have stemmed from complicated machinations to avoid using the term hybrid. Granted they had reasons to avoid the term, they were not seen as leaders in hybrid tech and they had made statements about the Prius as a "Geek-Mobile". However, I think they could have avoided a lot of confusion if they had just called it "a better hybrid; one that you can plug-in". The Hybrid term has public understanding/acceptance, they could leverage this. The techies will still dig in to understand the details of "voltec" and the average joes can get the simple message "electric for 35 miles, then gas."

"Plug-in anywhere, Drive anywhere" was their best one IMHO.

Commented On: Will 100,000 Electric Cars Be Sold In U.S. This Year Or Not?

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The big X factor is fleet sales, IMHO. Without fleet sales I think only 50,000 - 60,000 PEVs will be sold in the US in 2012. This is an unfounded guess, and highly dependent on the price of gas this summer.

Fleet managers tend to be longer term total cost thinkers. In this old 2010 story GE said they are going to buy 25,000 EVs.

If they (and others) start this year, that would go a long way to getting to the 100,000 units number.

Commented On: Is A $24,000 Price Needed For Electric Car Sales To Soar?

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I'd like to see a plan where one could buy the car and lease the batteries. BP has talked about this, but I don't mean with swap stations. I'd just like to see it as a financing option.

Commented On: Japanese Electric Car Startup Explains Why Its Cars Look So Wacky

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I like it, it looks efficient. I dislike the unqualified superlative use "as aerodynamic as possible."

Commented On: First Fast-Charging Station On West Coast Electric Highway: Work Starts

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Technically, the 1st DC Quick Charger for the West Coast Electric Highway was installed a month ago in Oregon. Photos here - But that is OK, it is all good press.

Commented On: Futuristic Electric-Car Dream Dead? Aptera To Refund Deposits

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Crossing the chasm from hand-built prototypes to production has claimed many casualties. I hate to say it but it looks like Nikki was right when she predicted Aptera's demise several months ago when the founder left the company.

Commented On: Portland Welcomes Electric Avenue, Showcases Charging Stations

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Well said Nikki. The nuke car is 'just two years away' and fuel cells are just 10 years away. Kent, you can keep holding your breath, waiting for perfection, and using gas. I'll drive an EV.
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