Half Of 2016 Cars To Have Gas-Saving Start-Stop Systems, Supplier Says

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Chances are, you don't own a car with start-stop technology.  But you will. For the uninitiated, start-stop is a simple concept: lift your foot from the accelerator and roll your car to a stop, and the engine will shut down. Press the gas again, and it re-ignites.  It mirrors a technique used by hypermilers f...Read more

Five Vehicles In High Demand

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The purpose of the Internet is to make information free.  That much is clear by now.  And nowhere has it had a bigger impact than the once-secretive auto industry.  Two decades ago, car shoppers walked into dealerships with the deck stacked against them -- the dealer had all the best  information, ...Read more

Smart Car Shopping: Six Great Deals This Week

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Don't be misled.  The automotive market did not experience a sudden recovery in September; and with a few exceptions, like trucks, October wasn't all that much better. The news merely looked good on paper because automakers traditionally compare current sales to sales figures from one year before -- and September...Read more

Five Desirable New Cars, Now Negotiable

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It's all about when you shop.  Whether you settle for something that happens to be in your price range because you can't talk the dealership down on the one you really want, or negotiate like Shatner and walk away with a great car for a steal comes down to market conditions when you open the showroom door. And th...Read more

Four SUVs That Will Cost You More In The Long Run

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  Recession or no, Americans still love SUVs.  These days, we buy smaller than we used to -- the Cadillac Escalade doesn't sell like it used to, but dealers find it hard to keep the GMC Acadia in stock. And it's no wonder.  Today's small SUVs can offer sedan-like fuel economy, serious hauling capacity, ...Read more