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Commented On: Lincoln To Focus On Targeting Highest-Volume Luxury Segments

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Poor Lincoln Brand!!!

Commented On: 2015 Ford Mustang’s Platform To Spawn Lincoln Sedan?

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I think Ford threw it. it's big problem for no exist from old RWD platform documents to next generation RWD platforms like more than five suspended. it's greedy years.

Commented On: Next-Gen Holden Commodore Ute And Wagon Coming To U.S.?

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thumb up

Commented On: GM Trademarks “SS” Name, Could It Be Chevy’s New Nameplate?

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Chevrolet Caprice SS or Chevrolet Commodore SS or Chevrolet Caprice LTZ or Chevrolet Commodore LTZ. I think Chevrolet Caprice LTZ is LWB for livery cab or some luxury package retailer and Chevrolet Commodore SS is high performance HSV SWB is original Pontiac G8 and LTZ some luxury package retailer only. I want Chevrolet El Camino ute pickup. and Chevrolet Caprice LTZ station wagon or Commodore LTZ or SS station wagon. if Chevrolet need three of four Commodore family. I want El Camino SS is best sports truck. I want level package LTZ and SS Commodore and LT , LTZ and SS El Camino. if Chevy Commodore ZLI will base of HSV Commodore.

Commented On: 2015 Ford Mustang Styling Details Begin To Emerge

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if you will hate buy a Mustang III with FWD and four cylinder . I believe popular will hate official Ford Motor Company near future. I love old or classic Ford cars. I hate new Ford cars are future. it will mo more RWD cars for Ford. I think bad news about Australian Ford Falcon RWD switch next generation FWD.

Commented On: We Take A Close Look At The Lincoln MKZ Concept: Video

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RIP Lincoln brand..

Commented On: Could The Next Holden Commodore Be The Last?

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it is very disappointed about it will no more RWD layout rival to Ford Falcon and Holden Commodore by 2014. I think GM and Ford are more greedy for US Market. I believe Dodge Charger will winner profit. if you save Holden Commodore or Ford Falcon will become older will head to US next 25 year old.

Commented On: Lincoln Cancels Plans For Compact Audi A3 Rival: Report

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it is not worth luxury brand.

Commented On: 2012 BMW 1-Series Hatchback Spy Shots

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BMW 1 Series will Lexus CT fighter in USA!!

Commented On: Bentley Turbo R Name Set To Return On New Mulsanne Coupe: Report

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Bentley Mulsanne want join to rival Rolls Royce Phantom and Drophead. great luck Bentley official is working new Bentley Mulsanne coupe building for another model. it is not talking about next generation redesign model.
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