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Commented On: Toyota Prius Vs. Ford C-Max Hybrid: Pros And Cons

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In the US, small cars have not received the public's attention because relative to Europe, our gas prices have been very low for very long and rising slowly over time (boiling frog effect). It is now changing because people are finally starting to realize the water is boiling.

Commented On: Disney Renders Refurbished Test Track Feature At Epcot

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I wish I could just do this from home and plug in Matrix style!

Commented On: Tesla Battery 'Bricking': The Real Story Behind The Scare

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Strange that after all that, anyone would let their roadster sit for long enough to completely brick the battery. I think if I spent that kind of money and the manufacturer kept hammering the fact I shouldn't keep it discharged I would probably bother to plug it in.

Commented On: Americans Are Holding On To Their Cars Longer Than Ever

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Funny, just read the other article about how dealers are desperate to buy older vehicles. How is GM doing so well with this going on?

Commented On: Got A Low-Mileage Car? Dealers Want To Buy It, Badly

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I have been wanting to get rid of my black RX8 for a while. Not sure I want to sell it to a dealer though. I doubt they'll give me what I can get on craigslist for it.

Commented On: Project Ignition Teen Safety Leaders Share Their Perspective With DOT

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Do what I say not what I do is unfortunately the norm in our society. Teens learn from us.

Commented On: Two Tesla Execs Leave Before 2012 Model S Launch, Stock Falls

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By Silicon Valley standards, these things should be happening a lot more often. This is barely news over here :)

Commented On: 2014 BMW X5 Spy Shots (With Interior)

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Is it just me or are they getting uglier every year. I wasn't fond of the look when they came out, but this is ridiculous!

Commented On: 2013 BMW i3 Electric Car iPhone App Screenshots Teased: 2012 Detroit Auto Show

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No love for Android. I guess Android users don't have the same purchasing power despite their numbers.

Commented On: The Price Is Right, G: Snoop Dogg Helps Give Away '62 Lincoln On TV

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Gotta love Snoop Dogg. He's everywhere!
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